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I’m trying to make the change from EUROS to PESOS MEXICANOS, but this hypothesis does not exist in the Revolut app.

Can you please tell me if in Mexico when I want to raise Mexican money at an ATM, is it possible?

Thank you.

You can not pre-purchase mexican pesos.
But you still can withdraw/purchase and you will get live rate from FX.
Just to know,that over weekend there is surcharge for exchanging currency :slight_smile:

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see FAQ:
Currencies which can be hold in Revolut wallets:

and- unsupported currencies (at all):

Thank you.
That is, for example, if I get money in Mexico (eg, 100 €), I will receive 2227 Mexican pesos, minus the exchange rate, right?

No, it means:

Without any fee.
You can be charged by revolut when you exceed 200 EUR monthly for withdrawal.

Okay, for shopping I did not pay any fees.
But for cash withdrawals at ATM machines? If in Revolut card I have 100 €, I can raise the 2227 Mexican pesos, right? That is, I have not paid any fees in this money-raising.

Of course it depends on the situation.
As I’ve written above- if your main currency is EUR, Revolut won’t charge you any fee until you hit 200 EUR limit (monthly).
I don’t know if ATM’s in Mexico get surcharge…
But usually, until you hit 200 EUR limit (in local currency) withdrawal should be free.

Now it is about 4 450 MXN

Yeah, I also think there are not any fees.
In any case, it should always be cheaper to raise money through REVOLUT in an ATM, than to go to a currency exchange.

I hope the revolut card will work in mexico, for withdrawals.
It’s the first time I’m going to use it.

It will be cheaper for sure :wink: It has to.

BTW. Here you have some info about Mexico and Revolut:


Thank you very much @redi :slight_smile: