Revolut in Ukrainian ATMs


I just returned from Ukraine and long story short I was unable to find ATM that would recognize the card.

I tried a very new one with fancy UI and touch controls (as some people anecdotally suggested out of date software) and it did not work.

“Invalid card” was the message on all of them. All my other cards were properly recognized and worked. That includes Santander, N26, TransferWise, bunq, Nordea and KBC.

Maybe it’s the time to do something about it? Also TransferWise had much better conversion rate than Revolut when paying at the terminal 3,99 vs 4,14 UAH.


What card do you have from Revolut? VISA? Mastercard?


I am surprised by that.


…and TransferWise:

Was it weekend or a weekday rate?


@Platin - Why did you assumed OP’s base currency in Revolut is GBP? :slight_smile:


True. It might not be. I would be curious to find out what currency conversion on TW card beats Revolut’s rate when spending with UAH.


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It’s not GBP, it’s DKK in this case.


With TW, DKK to UAH has 3% surcharge on top of mid-market rate.

Was it on weekday or weekend?


Conversion rate is not that important, but ATM problem should be solved or at least explained. It’s not the software that’s for sure.


TransferWise has better rate all week, but this was on this Monday.