Revolut in Ukraine

I’ve spoken to Revolut support today and got confirmation of ongoing Ukraine restrictions from Revolut side. My comment was: shame on Revolut for being part of any political games! So yes for Ukraine Revolut seems not to be an option anymore.

for the Ukraine residents its possible to creat an account revolut

If there is any restrictions for using card in specific countries, revolut should openly state is somewhere. I can imagine travel to country X, only to find out specific card does not work there. :frowning:

ATM withdrawal and paying with card is possible in Kiev, but when you’re leaving Kiev (to the south) card does not work anymore (even Metal).

Revolut is also working in Kherson, but not in a smaller city in Kherson Oblast. Probably Revolut is working in big Ukrainian cities only.

What I don’t understand, perhaps someone could make it clear for me:
If I get money in Ukraine from an ATM, I pay a 1-2% fee, right?
What about paying in UAH? Will the amount just get converted to Euro and that’s it? Or is there a fee, too?

Lol i live in Kherson works fine but a 1% fee is charged Im hoping revolut open a UAH balance like transferwise do

Please add a UAH Balance Revolut Wise do it.