Revolut in Ukraine


Hi, I have an issue to send money to Ukraine or withdraw money in Ukraine.


Hey there! Ukraine is not one of the supported countries for transferring out.

In terms of withdrawals, please use this link:

It will show you the closest ATM terminals near you that you should be able to use. Please ensure the Chip reader is enabled in your search.


Hi! If Ukraine is not more supported, does it mean that I even can’t use my Revolut card (which is registered in Poland) in ukrainian ATMs? Or maybe I can use it only for USD withdrawing, not UAH?

Thank you for answer

p.s. and if you can, explain please who is right in this discussion? guy has a similar trouble


You can use your card in Ukraine but you can’t withdraw money from your Revolut account to an Ukrainian bank account.


“use your card in Ukraine” - does you mean exactly uah? it is important, because there aren’t here any atm withdrawing usd or any other excluding uah

p.s. are you talking theoretically or you had your own experience of uah withdrawing?


Yes it means exactly UAH because you asked exactly for UAH right? I suggest you to check the FAQ because there are over 120 currencies which is supported for ATM withdrawal. If UAH is stated there then it should work without issues.


You are absolutely right, thanks a lot for advice!


Yes as mentioned the card itself should work fine in Ukraine, as UAH is supported. But as we only allow users within the EEA to register, setting up an account as a resident of the Ukraine is not possible right now.



Any plans when Revolut account to be allowed for Ukraine residents?


Hi @antbal.

We’re working on our global expansion, however can’t confirm a timeline for Ukraine yet. Once we have an update we’ll announce it. :slight_smile:


Looking forward to see this announce soon. Summer time is close, European countries are visa-free for Ukrainian travelers, so Revolut card is one among things which you “must have”… Come on, Team Revolut, open to the Ukrainians :slight_smile:


Hi. I recently tried to withdraw money from an atm machine of ukrsim bank in Kiev, Ukraine and it was unseccessful. The machine displayed message that I entered an incorrect psw even though the first time I had dialed the psw, it had excepted it and only when I selected an option to withdraw cash, it showed that I dialed a wrong psw.


I am a regular user in Ukraine of Revolut and other options, so this is the conclusion:

• Monsese has the best rate. 0.5% markup fee from mid-rate all the week (with pro membership).
• Revolut during the week 2-3% and on weekeends 4-5% markup from mid-rate.
• The only bank to withdraw from ATM free of charge is CreditAgricole. Most other banks charges a atm withdrawal fee. The public ukranian bank also is for free but it has very low withdrawal limit.

It would be great if revolut can lower the fees to match Monese one! I had to open Monese because of the very hight Revolut fee in Ukraine.
The crazy thing is that the first time I came to Ukraine they were matching exactly the mid-rate for UAH. It was back in 2016. They started to introduce those big fees from 2017.