Revolut in Turkey?


Anyone using Revolut in Turkey?


I didn’t but I thinks works well.
Turkey is ok. Didn’t had problem with any card there in 6 months.
Also, no fees for foreign cards.

And also, you have TRY for accounts



Hey @MikeW,

Yes, I have used my Revolut card in Turkey and I can tell you only that’s everything works smooth. Just remember to skip the dynamic currency conversion and everything should be okay!

Have a unforgettable time there! :r:

Revolut - Turkey icmeler
Revolut in turkey ?

Thank you for your reply - I take it that function is just in the settings ?


Hey @Rednu74,

It is an option on the ATM, please check this link: :r:

Remember, always make sure that you choose the option with ‘No Conversion’, ‘Without Conversion’, ‘Debit in Local Currency’ or any other option that allows your card issuer to run the conversion, and not the DCC provider.


Thank you so much - this is really helpful , I shall share the info with my family also .
Have a good day !!!