Revolut in Switzerland?

The app shows you what you’re about to order. If they accidentally sent you Maestro while you’ve ordered a Mastercard, it might be a little late to ask support for a refund. Next time, I would talk to support right away.

You can also check the price list regarding free cards. The standard is that only the first card is free. Shipping fees apply. There were several promotions where new users could get free cards including free shipping, but I don’t think such a promotion is currently happening.

Just go to the card section, click the +, choose debit card, leave the blue colored card as it’s the standard card, make sure you change the type to MasterCard as the default is on Maestro and continue to confirm the shipping address. The card does not cost you anything but the shipping, which it displayed as CHF 6.99. A fair deal I would say.

I was replying to you when I checked out the App again. What stupid mistake I did. When I chose a stander card, I hadn’t seen the “Type” option, where I can choose maestro or mastercard.

My Mastercard is already on the way…


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Happy to hear you were able to order the card you wanted. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Luca, I’m an Italian living in Switzerland as well. Unfortunately, until Revolut won’t provide a personal CH Iban account, it will be hard to use it as a primary account. What I suggest you is to open an online swiss account (like Neon or Zak, they are both FREE) and then transfer the money from them to Revolut :wink:

I Use this topic to ask the question here: are we, swiss resident customers, supposed to be migrated to the lithuanian entity or we are going to keep the GB IBAN as we are not in the EU?

Well, I haven’t read about any bilateral agreement between the UK and Switzerland either.

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That’s not correct. The relationship between Switzerland and the UK based on the contracts Switzerland an EU. After the positive Brexit vote Switzerland started negotiations with the UK with the result that basically the contracts CH to EU will stay in effect for CH to UK.

Some month ago there was a FAQ in the Revolut site which started that therefore Switzerland will stay with Revolut UK. But now I can’t find it anymore. But legally, it could still be valid.

Thanks for clarifying. Somehow, the Switzerland disappeared from — couldn’t find it when I was looking earlier today.

Is anybody using Credit Suisse account for topping up Revolut account?

I did it for the first time an hour ago after creating my account last night, just waiting for the transfer to happen.

Hi All,

I have read through this thread and am now slightly confused so I think it is best to just ask a direct question and hope you can help :slight_smile: I am moving to SWZ in Feb and want to receive my salary into my Revolut account, I will be paid in CHF. I am an Irish user with a GB IBAN. What is the best way to do all this with minimal fees? Is it better to open a Neon account (as suggested above) to avoid fees?
I hope you can help

I would open a neon account as I would never trust Revolut my salary plus it’s not integrated into the Swiss payment system.
It’s possible to pay to the Swiss collection account from within Switzerland but only with a very specific reference text. This will only be possible as Swiss resident.
Paying bills in Switzerland is nearly impossible with Revolut as it misses the integration.

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Thank you Oliver. I am currently not a resident in SWZ yet though (arriving in Feb). Would this be issuer for setting up?


For Revolut, yes, as you can not use the local collection account.
For neon I honestly don’t know if it’s possible. But they used to have a responsive email support where you could ask questions for your specific situation.

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They all require an adress in CH, so you can’t open a bank account before Feb.
Otherwise I agree with what Oliver said, don’t use Revolut for your salary but prefer other (free) solutions like Neon, CSX or Zak, your choice (my preference goes to Neon as they have no fees for payment abroad and 2x/month free withdrawal at any ATM in CH, well cheapest fees in general).

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Thank you all for your responses. Based on what I think I know so far would anyone agree this would be the best way to eventually get money to my main bank account?

If I (1) get my monthly salary paid to a Neon account and then transfer a portion of it to Revolut (CHF, circa 3500CHF) followed by (2) transferring my salary that is now in Revolut (CHF) to Revolut (EUR) (3) transferring my salary that is now in Revolut (EUR) to an established ‘bricks and mortor’ bank in EUR, would this be the most cost effective way to transfer money?

a) Revolut works fine in Switzerland with my ( private ) Android Phone, with Revolut App installed

b) And revolut works fine in Switzerland with the physical Revolat card.

c) But I cannot pay with my other (business) Android Phone (Revolut App not installed ) with virtual Revolut Card successfully installed in Goolge Pay App.
At any point of sales I am asked to use the physical card with Chip-Reader.

  • why?


I’d like to top up my Revolut account from my UBS account. In a thread, I’d read that the reference string of revolut has to be added in the field of “reason for payment” in the UBS transfer system, but I don’t find this field in my e-banking. There are instead to other fields: “personal note” and “message for payee”. Where should I enter the reference, then?


Hi @Chessable, you would need to enter the information into the “message for payee” field. In German it would be called “Nachricht für Zahlungsempfänger”. The personal note is only visible to you. Hope this helps.

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