Revolut in Switzerland?


Dear Revolut team,

Could you give us any kind of indication whether Revolut is going to be ever again available for Swiss residents? And, if yes, when approximately?

Additonally, would Revolut ever consider adding CHF as one of the top-up currencies? – implemented

The previous thread by @nanda was simply closed with no concrete answers, which is very dissappointing. I am only keeping my Revolut account with the hope that it will one day become available in Switzerland. I am sure that there are quite a few other users in this situation.


Don’t know for card payments, BUT Revolut already made a statement earlier that the next app update would add CHF and PLN to the app as top-up currencies :smiley:


Yes, I just read it again right after posting :smile:
Thanks for replying! I’m a bit more interested in the first question, tho…


I can imagine, after all, the possibility of card payment is always more important than other things…let’s hope for the best.


I asked the in-app support about when we would again be able to get a card as Swiss residents (which is not the same as being able to top up in CHF), and they said it would be around July. Hard to tell if it’s again an empty promise as many times before…


Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:
At least it’s some kind of an estimate…


Any news about that?


Nope, nothing about cards yet.

However, as promised, CHF was launched as one of the main currencies with the latest app updated. So it’s a step forward, hopefully.


Have seen something on Twitter about a “big announcement for Switzerland”, so… :wink: