Revolut in Spanish?



Any progress on making revolut available in Spanish? Or other languages?

Many thanks


I’m also interested in this :smile:


Hey guys!

We’re actually in the process of translating our app :slight_smile:


@AndreasK, is there any way to collaborate? :slight_smile:


Thank you for your help @Juliopp We’ll let you know :slight_smile:


@AndreasK Yes this is very much needed as revolut expands!

Many software have a single file users help edit and then presto the program is translated.

Is this possible with apps aswell? And universal (ios/android)?

/me thinks you could have revolut supporting all the languages of the EU at least in a very short time if you harvest your users language knowledge.


Great stuff! Any time frame? Thx


New languages added to the main website.

I am sure Spanish is currently being worked on and will be released very soon.


Just getting the basic dialog choises in the app translated should be a quick thing to do you would think?


Spanish it’s in our plan, we started with French and Polish.


How many Polish users do you have? And more important… How many potentials spanish user do you have?

when revolut in spanish?


If needed, I would be happy to collaborate on the translation to Portuguese.