Revolut in Spain


Daaaamn, so any news which ones are not charging? :smiley: Banks here are killing meeee…
I found this website: but I dont understand, there is this option “no acces fee (within country)” but that doesnt mean that atm will not charge fee, right? I am so lost… :roll_eyes:



Do you know how is it with Bankia?


Free :money_mouth_face:



I’ll move to Spain soon and i was thinking if Revolut can help me.
Can Revolut account be visible to everyone else as a ‘local/Spanish bank account? by IBAN number?’ ? can i use it for paychecks ? (or better to open account in a local bank anyway)

can i use Revolut to transfer my saving from GBP to my new Spanish using an advantageous exchange rate? (or better to use TransferWise etc.?)


IBAN discrimination is illegal within the EU, so you should be able to use your Revolut IBAN in Spain for paychecks and transfers just as you would a Spanish account. You can exchange currencies in Revolut at the “real” interbank exchange rate, but just make sure to exchange the currency on a weekday and not on the weekend, because on the weekends Revolut applies a 0.5% markup