Revolut in Singapore and Bali – Short summary

Hi :r: community,
I already shared some in another thread: Using VISA in Bali

I just wanted to give some more info on my experience.

Firstly, of course Singapore is very different from Bali – yet both are very popular destinations for European tourists. Singapore is one of the most modern cities i’ve visited. As I expected there is nothing to worry about when visiting that place with your :r: card. In my case it was a Mastercard. Also I have a feeling that Mastercard is spread much wider in both destinations.

Bali is much different. Even though they say cash is king you can pay almost anywhere with Mastercard (Visa, too, most likely). The economy in Bali is focusing on tourists’ needs – including easy payment.

However, withdrawing cash can be challenging with the :r: card. (It wasn’t with my German ING Visa – with 1.75% fees and a rate most likely not as good as interbank rates). So use :r: but watch out for the right ATMs. :smile:

Generally: ATMs with the Link logo did not work (see images).

All of the above did not accept my :r: Mastercard.

I successfully withdrew at the below one in Tanah Lot multiple times:

Again: This is always about withdrawing cash.
From my experience – if you do not insist on eating at a small warung at the street in the mountains – you can pay with your :r: card anywhere. I’d like to know if you have different experiences. @Haribol11 already shared some.

Note: at Bali Collection in Nusa Dua, I first had trouble finding an ATM to withdraw cash but there are min. 2 places with 3 ATMs from different providers at each place. One – I think a Chinese one – wanted to charge fees; I cancelled. The ATM next to it accepted my :r: card. :slight_smile:


Thanks for info. Does ppl in Bali expect tips?

Well, they wouldn’t ask for a tip but you’ll see when they expected one. :slight_smile:
I was very exhausted after our transfer from DPS airport to Tanah Lot and gave 2.000 INR (which is not appropriate). I made up for this later. :D:
Our experience is that Balinese people are very restrained. Since we ate at the same restaurants over and over again we gave some cash to the tip jar before we changed locations – not with every meal.

However, we tried to always carry some cash (2.000 or 5.000 INR) to tip. It makes sense to give a tip since people in Bali need it. In the south you will find plenty of people from the north where you can only earn money as a fisherman or rice farmer. They try to earn money for their families. It didn’t hurt us to tip each and every time.

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I believe you meant IDR, not INR.
inr = indian rupees. 2000inr is a lot for a tip, I think :slight_smile:

:smile: Sorry.
Of course Indonesian Rupee.

Indonesian Rupiah :slight_smile:

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Hi guys I’m also traveling to Bali some time soon, I already read that it’s hard to find some ATM where we can withdraw Money with the Revout. Anyway I saw that Indonesian Rupiah is not part of the 23 currencys available on Revolut. That means that I can keep my balance in for exemple GBP and still withdraw in some ATMs? thanks for the help

When withdrawing from the ATM it is automatically converted. However, on the weekend there’s a markup.

Tip: Buy your SIM at Denpasar Airport and not at a shop somewhere else. They raise the price for activating it. :roll_eyes:

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@Laurenz_L do you have a list of ATMs in Singapore when you can withdraw money without any fee?

According to this thread, there is at least one, United Overseas.

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I need to check maybe, but it was a) no problem to pay via MasterCard and b) withdraw from HSBC and OCBC.

I don’t think you’ll have trouble one of those (or others). There’s a mall every 2 meters. :slight_smile:

Does that already help you, @mikro123?

edit: We withdrew at

  • Changi on arrival
  • China Town Metro Station
  • Clarke Quay Central Mall

Rest was card payments.

I can confirm no issues or fees with ATM from UOB in Singapore using VISA.

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