Revolut in Russia

I am planning a trip to Moscow and want to know if I need to get cash or I will be able to take cash in local currency from ATM? Can someone confirm that Revolut is OK in Russia?


Revolut adds approximately 2% spread on the ruble plus another 1.5% for weekends. All in all, I think you will be better off by using Halifax Clarity or a similar card with no fx or foreign transaction fees while traveling to Russia. As long as you pay off the ATM withdrawals sooner rather than later (there is no grace period for cash withdrawals, only for card transactions) and your card transactions by the end of your grace period, this should be a better value for money I’d reckon.

If you don’t have any decent credit card and don’t have time to apply for one, you can still use Revolut just the same. It should be still better than an average debit card that will charge you fx fee, transaction fee, ATM withdrawal fee and all sorts of fees possible.


Hi ratamon,
I’m going to Russian in 2 days and I’m interested in ATM fees as well.
. I’ve read the fair Usage Policy here and specifically the “Illiquid currencies” section where Russian Rubles are mentioned.

I could not find any reference to an added 2% spread. Instead I saw the following (quoting) “However there are some illiquid currencies such as Thai Baht and Russian Ruble which are difficult for us to trade. For these currencies we will give you the best rate we can. You can check all these rates within the app.”

I checked the app and I’m given RUB 70.47 for 1 GBP.

On the same Fair Usage page it is explained that 2% is added for (any) withdrawals over £200/ month.

Could please let me know where you read that they add 2% to the ATM withdrawals in Russia?

Many thanks!

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Hello Ratamon. Besides Halifax Clarity, do you know any other cards that can be used in Russia, possibly debit cards and no credit cards? Thanks.

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Any cards will work in Russia.
You can use :r: with no problems what so ever.
To avoid weekend surcharge, just pre-purchase Russian rubles beforehand :+1:
Been to Moscow and St Petersburg and it worked sweet as :ok_hand:


Thanks Ares! :+1: Thanks for the reply!

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