Revolut in Kuwait

Hi there, a friend of mine from Kuwait want to register for a Revolut card but he can`t. Is there a way to get a card for him on his name?


Hey @Primoz78 :slight_smile:

:r: isn’t available in Kuwait as of now :wink:

:frowning: thanks for the answer…I was looking to make one for him but put my address on it, cause he use traveling a lot in the EU…

That will be against the terms.

Hey @Primoz78 :slight_smile:

His address must match his legal address. Let’s rephrase this.
:r: is only available to regal residents of the EEA as of now (with an inherent valid EEA address therefore).


  • He can’t sign up without fulfilling those requisites yet.
  • You can’t let him use your account without breaching the clause 18.2 (and potentially others) of the Terms Of Service (and potentially the Cardholder Agreement).

So, unfortunately, your friend will have to wait :frowning:

OK thanks henrikbjorn and Juliopp :slight_smile: agree.

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Geologically near future, of course! :wink: :joy:

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