Revolut in Jamaica

Hi all - hoping this is the right place to post my question…

I am off to Negril in Jamaica in a few weeks time and don’t want to carry a lot of cash (although will have some for general spend / tips)
we will be looking to book a lot of trips and days out which can be charged in either USD or Jamaican dollars but if I pay on my Revolut card what currency will I be charged in? I was thinking of leaving all my money in Revolut in GBP so that I only spend what I need to and then what is left is in GBP for my return…

Any help grateful


As far as I learned the only problem could be the weekends since there is a .5–2% markup when exchanging money. In general you could just use the GBP account and :r: automatically charges it with the rate at that very moment.

Hi @Laurenz_L what rate would it be USD?

To by pass the mark up should I exchange some to USD in case we book up trips on a weekend and then when booking say we want to pay in usd?


Yes. That is what I read mostly. So you might even be lucky to exchange at a good rate in June and not a slightly worse rate in August. .5% I guess.

This might also be interesting. However not totally up to date: How to set base currency?