Revolut in India - not getting interbank rates

Hi there,

I am trying to use my Revolut card in India. I have checked I am not getting any charges through the ATM.

I am getting wildly different rates to what I think I should be. I’m getting 81.5 rupees per pound. From what I can see on the internet it should be nearer 85. I understand the interbank rate is not the mid day rate hatbis generally quoted but even still this difference is too large to be due to this. This rate is pretty bad and is the same as using my UK bank card with charges. It is also not the weekend so there should be no surcharge. Can anyone help?


We’ve been here a month and consistently getting 85INR from the ATMs Bank of India also didn’t charge for using ATM nor Canara Bank.

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You can change GBP to INR on your card and withdraw in Rupees. Make sure you are not accepting the ATM conversion.

Revolut is giving you 86 INR today so 8600 converted for £100 ready for withdrawal or card spending

Great thank you! I didn’t realise I had to transfer into rupees in my card first. I will try again!

I think I’m being really stupid- I transferred the balance on my card to rupees at the rate I was expecting: almost 86. Then I went to an ATM and attempted to withdraw again. It is as offering my the same exchange rate as before (81) which I assume is the ATM rate. How can I withdraw from my rupees balance? Thanks for your help!!

Withdraw without conversion at the ATM. :wink:

(There is no need to convert the money before withdrawing in the app. You can, but you don’t have to. Revolut does the conversion on the fly every time you use the card. Always withdraw and pay in local currency and avoid any conversion ATMs and card terminals offer you.)

Also, you might want to read more about how Revolut works in the FAQs.

We’ve been withdrawing Rupees every few days. We just put in the amount of Rupees some ATMs charge for a withdrawal some don’t. When it asks if you want the conversion say no just accept MasterCard conversion. You should see the amount deducted from your rupee balance. The first £200 cash each month is charge free thereafter Revolut charges 2%. There is no exchange necessary at the atm because you are withdrawing Rupees. If you have no GBP left on your card there is no conversion possible. Hope this is helpful.

Thank you both. I chose without conversion on the ATM and succeeded. Thank you!!

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Before withdrawing Rupees, do I have to move from the GBP Account to INR in the app or is all automatic?

Hi, I was exchanging first and then withdrawing. I have not tried withdrawing directly from GBP in India. However from today if I try to exchange into INR from GBP it says INR are not supported. Is anyone else having this issue?

Exactly I have the same problem. Maybe is temporary problem?

I have no idea. As I said I have been exchanging to INR from GBP for months, and then withdrawing in INR in India. I have messaged the customer support but no reply.

I’m afraid we’re no longer able to support INR within the Revolut currency offering. The Indian Central Bank now restricts trading in INR and so this affects our ability to hedge our risk effectively. I understand this may be really frustrating for you as you’ve come to depend on Revolut for this purpose, but this is something out of our control.

However, it’s still a currency supported for spending/withdrawing. The card will automatically convert to local currency at the real exchange rate.

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Shouldn’t this have received a bit more public announcement? and what is your recommendation when travelling in India. Load up the card with GBP/USD/EUR? and then use the Revolut card like an ordinary GBP/USD/EUR card?
FYI I asked about this via in app support option and had no response after 12+ hours, which is not very impressive!

While traveling, the card will work like before, the exchange functionality is not affected. But you’re not longer able to hold funds in INR. So you will get the rate the app shows you.

Hello, Is this restriction still in place? I’ve applied for the card having seen it advertised on Money Saving Expert with INR listed but have just now seen this forum post.

Hi Frank

  1. Has this been confirmed by Revolut officially?
  2. Does this apply to both card transactions and ATM withdrawal?