Revolut in Hong Kong


Travelling in Hong Kong soon : some advice/experience/best practice/do and don’t about Revolut (fees, ATM fees, etc.) ?

Thanks !

I am interested too !

Revolut works nicely in Hong Kong. Many shops (small, medium and big size) have paywave which works up to 1000 HKD ( around 110 Eur). Plenty of ATMs in town and none of these charges any fee (expect the fee that is charged by your card), thus with the Revolut Card completely free up to 200 Eur.

I have only seen one shop ( where the card does not work but chances are low that you will shop there.

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Likewise, no issues whatsoever either for myself during a recent trip to Hong Kong.

If you’re using the Hong Kong Metro, be aware that this I believe was cash-only. You can pay by card to get a ticket on the express train from the airport into Hong Kong (about HK$100) - but will then need cash - and if I remember rightly not only cash but change. I think it was hard to find an ATM at the station if memory serves (though they are there)

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If I use my HK credit card to HKD-top-up (my UK revolut card), Revolut charges me 1.8%. Is there any way around this? I tried to use the same card through Google Pay, but that didn’t help. How about Paypal? Anything else?

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If it’s a large sum of money then a SWIFT payment seems better, otherwise it seems pointless if you already have HK credit cards to travel aboard as most of them give at least 2% cash back on foreign transactions (to offset the 1.95% fee), so it’s effectively the same as Revolut.

Still, it’d be cool to have Revolut around especially it won’t cause trouble overseas when using unattended vending machines which only accept Chip and Pin.

HSBC atm has no charges for revolut card

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