Revolut in Georgia πŸ‡¬πŸ‡ͺ

Hello, I’m traveling to Georgia and had top-up Revolut account with PLNs, I don’t see GEL currency in exchange section. Will I still be able to use my card there? Will it exchange curriencies automatically?

Yes, it should work like this.

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Hey! So could you use your Revolut card in Georgia? I’ll go there next week and it will help me a lot.

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Yes. But be careful that some ATMs might give you the cash first then the card.

No fees on Georgian ATMs


Is it not normal to get the cash before the card?

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In Poland you get cash before card.

Usually they give the card first and after the cash :))

But there’s a bank, I forgot the name, which will do the other way

In the UK you get cash first

In PL- card goes first.

Anyone has any fresh experiences with ATM withdrawing in Georgia? What ATMs should I avoid? Are there any fee free ATMs? I plan to travel there in february, so I would be happy to be ready for reality.