Revolut in China


Is there anyone use revolut in China? How’s the exchange rate and cash withdraw fee?


Hi taonysun, I’m going to China in October and would also like to use my revolut if possible.

Any advice welcome.




I’ve used in China, had some issues at first in entering the wrong pin info. The ATM screen continues regardless of if you enter the right or wrong pin code, so I didn’t realise I was entering the wrong pin.

Also certain banks seem more reliable than others. BOC worked 100% of the time, ICBC worked most of the time, and ABC rarely worked.

So generally try to find a BOC cash point


How’s the exchange rate?



I just come back from China two weeks ago and my Revolut card worked very well. I didn’t tried directly in an ATM, but it’s work with Uber or in shop without any problem.

Every time you spend money, they ask you if you want to be charged in CNY or GBP, just answer CNY and you will get the interbank change rate from Reolut.

The only point I didn’t knew is that if you have to make a bail (guarantee ? not sur for the word in english) for an hotel or a car rental, they will directly make a withdrawal on your account (pending, but your money is out), and next when the hotel canceled my bail, I had to wait 5 more days to have my money back on my account (normally it’s immediately on a credit card, but not on a prepaid card).

Revolut support told me that a pending transacting will be automatically canceled after 10 days.


Oh yes, In China not every ATM have the same keyboard, take care of that. It can be 1234… or 9876…


It is really interesting. I have never noticed that.


I would keep in mind that Unionpay is the dominant plastic money there and if you travel outside of the usual tourist areas (even if it just into a different part of a town) Mastercard, Visa and AmEx are not that useful anymore.