Revolut in Canada

Hi, Im looking to get a Revolut card and account set up. I am working over in Canada for the time being, and I am having trouble getting the UK app installed. Every time I do it says that Revolut hasnt launched yet here. I also have a Canadian number which I think may be causing the confusion. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!

Revolut is not yet available in Canada.


even though they mention Canada is supported I have sent a revolut invitation tona family member living in Canada and he was informed that Canada is not on yet…so what does it mean Canada is supporterd?

Hi I had revolut in France and now I am in Canada. I read that you lunched it Quebec. How can we get access?

Revolut is already available in Canada, however they are rolling out in batches. If you are in queue you just have to wait (although I understand the queue may be pretty long).

Also, I do think there are going to be issues if you already have a Revolut account in Europe or UK and you apply for another one in Canada. I’m not 100% sure, so check the term and conditions before you apply a second time or you may experience account blocking.

I’m moving from Argentina to work at uOttawa, Ottawa, Canada. I have opened a Revolut account and I don’t know if I can use it in Canada and even receive my salary in it? The problem is that I have used my Spain address, my Argentinian cellphone number and my Italian passport to open it! so, it will works?

I don’t know but I wouldn’t count on it, especially with large amounts like a salary. Revolut Canada is still in beta test. There have been problems, including cards getting locked.

My advice is to open a regular bank account with one of the “big-5” banks in Canada. Use that as your primary bank, at least until you have settled in to life in Canada. Of course this will be more expensive but also much more reliable. You will also have someone to speak with at the local branch who can assist with related financial matters.

Another option is to open an account with a Canadian online bank like Tangerine (owned by Bank of Nova Scotia) or Simplii (owned by CIBC.)

BTW many universities have an office that is dedicated to helping new foreign grad students, faculty and staff with these sorts of matters. You may want to ask your new boss about this.

My guess is… no. :rofl:

But if you really want to know, please contact the customer service over the chat in the app and let us all know what they told you. :slight_smile: