Revolut In Canada

I’m going to Canada (Quebec) in July.
Can I use my Revolut card for

  • withdraw money from the distributor and with what ceiling and what commission?
  • pay in the shops and with what ceiling and which commission?

Please read this:


And this

I visit Canada frequently and especially in Toronto I have no problem whatsoever with my Revolut card. However, in Montreal I had a couple of issues last winter. My card worked 90% of the times, which pushed me to withdraw some cash just case, and that was a bit hard. Out 5 different ATMs I tried around the city, only the last one went through.

Other than that, my card always worked in Ontario and the US.

I moved to Canada in May 2018, but I can not change my address with the app as the app says Revolut is yet to provide a service in Canada !