Revolut in Canada - Interrac transfers and how will it all work


since Revolut will be launched in Canada, I was wondering how it will we work when we already have a Revolut account in Europe and live in Canada: will it be an automatic switch by location? Or will we have 2 cards/accounts?

Secondly, will we be able to do Interrac payments without fees from the receiving bank in Canada?

Finally, will we be charged fees from European banks to transfer on the Canadian Revolut card?


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I would like to know about this too! I’m in Canada and have most of my money on my Revolut account however I need to transfer money for rent and bills to my CIBC account but get charged $15 each time, which is not ideal.

Since Revolut is launching in Canada, will they be introducing Interac e-transfers?

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Any news of Interac e-transfers for topping-up?

I need to be able to top-up my Revolut card with my Interac/Cyrrus enabled Canadian bank card. I am still wondering when will it be possible!?

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