Revolut in Australia

Hi guys,

Read somewhere on Twitter that revolut was coming to Australia Q1 2018. Any idea when that Tweet was done?

Anyone have an update on that or can give a more specific date now that we are in 2018?

Thank you

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Last update I saw about this was indeed on Twitter: “Q1 this year” (05/01/2018) - Targeting Q1 2018 for the US as well, let’s hope they can do both at the same time :grimacing:

Andreas said it’s coming “soon”, and confirmed there will be local accounts (BSB) (08/01/2018)

So, in theory that’s before March 31st :smiley: :crossed_fingers:

Thank you @quentinb

Would you have any information about Hong Kong current accounts? I read somewhere that it was planned for Q1 also but I can’t find the information anymore.

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Yep, they have the same type of pre-registration (“early access”) for HK as they do for the US and Australia.


Revolut plans to expand to the U.S., Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia and New Zealand in early 2018. (source)

Looks like they’re planning to open in these 5 markets in Q1. That would be great!

It probably takes time to find partners in each market to open local bank accounts for all their customers.

Great ! Thanks a lot !!

Thanks Quentinb for the response.

Anyone from Revolut able to weigh in on more specific dates? In the app it says, “make it happen sooner, invite more friends”. Does that mean there is a set number we are waiting on?

Hey @Richardm1985 :slight_smile:

Probably not at all. I guess they just want some good Word of Mouth. I doubt there’s a high correlation between the amount of people invited and the release date :wink:

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I second that. I mean it’s not just a setting to change in their app to allow the US or not. There is work behind it (legal, find partners, etc). So they are getting ready for it and do need the word of mouth to spread the good news.
Also, as I understand it, they want to - ultimately - be opened to as many people as possible (= The World) :wink:

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The end of Q1 2018 is here, and it seems that Revolut is not going to have an Australian service up and running by en of Q1 as announced.

When can we expect this?


Hi there. We’re hoping to launch there in the next few months. As soon as we have more info we’ll make sure everyone knows. :slight_smile:

it’s almost July now, this thread aged well :slight_smile:

Hi JessicaZ,

Any update now? Half way through the year. Just give us an indication/estimation on how close you are to launching?

What’s the hold up anyway?

Thank you

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Hi @anon71086934,

Any update on the Australian accounts?


I tired to sign up for ‘early access’ in Australia, and it all looks good until it asks me for my mobile number to download the App, then it errors out with a “Oops! Something went wrong: Sorry, Revolut is currently only available to residents of the European Economic Area. We’re expanding globally very soon!”

Not sure if something is broken, or is the “Early Access” not actually ready? If the latter, it’s not a great user experience. What’s the point in registering now if there is a hard stop in the sign up process.

@anon71086934 - any news on Australian accounts with a BSB? :crossed_fingers: