Revolut - iCloud storage

I see Revolut has a toggle switch to use storage in iCloud, any idea what this is for?

I take it this is to store receipt images perhaps?

I have it enabled too, but I don’t see any use at all under Settings > Apple ID > iCloud > Manage Storage, the app does not show in there.

I see no difference in the app behavior when I switch it off and browse. Perhaps metadata such as the name of vaults or tokens are stored in that area, which is used for if the app lets you choose for it.

Someone from :r: care to comment?

Use the live chat and ask them :slight_smile:

Rita has been looking for an agent for quite some time…

But I will keep this it updated if I find anything.

Delete a photo from your library that you have used as a receipt and see if you still see it.

Added receipts, vaults and budgets, enabled “Trust this device” (I didn’t have that option before but some did, maybe beta testers?) and it does not show in Documents and Data, but it does in Settings.

Rita is still looking for an agent, and this things should be entirely documented.

Interesting… I’d hoped it was for receipt storage, I’d like to store receipts in the Revolut app in some cases but reluctant to in case they are no longer there when the device is changed or have to uninstall / reinstall app for any reason

The (lengthy) response from Support was about how long :r: have to keep records of our transactions for years to be compliant, but not about using my personal iCloud space.

Clarification made in the chat, hope they get it right this time.

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New agent in chat mentions that it is used for Contact syncing. It might be true, but there is another switch for that in a different place of the settings.

I can live without knowing what that setting actually does.