Revolut IBAN changed

Hello, i’m actually in India and i’ve made yesterday a money transfer in € from my french account but i used my old Revolut IBAN. What can i do to get m’y money back or a transfer on the right IBAN. Thanks.

Which old IBAN?


The IBAN we used before the new IBAN. Before when we made bank transfers we had to add a number in the form because They were on l’y unic IBAN. I have made the transfer using this old IBAN and s’en to late that it exists a new IBAN.

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You mean before you used the SWIFT IBAN and now the local one?

Now i think we use our own IBAN for transactions. Each user have it own IBAN, right?

I saw too late m’y new IBAN and i made the transfer from my French accountedge where the old IBAN was saved.

You are talking about euro, right? In that case, yes, you have your own local account, you just might need to activate it.

That’s correct, before personal EUR IBANs were introduced, SEPA EUR payments were also handled via a pooled account that made the reference code necessary.

For a while, both systems worked together. Transfers to the old IBAN would still arrive. But personal IBANs were introduced almost a year ago, so I am not sure if the old account is still active.

I would talk to support. Twitter might speed things up. In the worst case, the transfer will bounce back after a while.

Most probably the money will come back in a few days. When the other party (=bank, account) cannot be “reached”, the money will be transferred back to the original sender.

The question is, how many fees will be deducted through the SWIFT process. :wink:

The pooled account still is available and has to be available (for non-SEPA payments).

I’m just not sure if it’s still the same. But makes sense of course if it would be. :wink:

I reckon he is referring to the old LT IBAN and not to the current GB SWIFT accounts…?

Cant tell :). Currently it is 3080 1286 5682 90 and that seems to go back more than a year.

Maybe, cant tell. Asked for clarification twice, not going to ask again :smiley:

I don’t think so, since he mentioned pooled account + reference vs. personal. LT IBANs were already personal IBANs.

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Oh, I see!

“Oh, I see!” has less than 20 characters. I do need to fill this post up with more words.