Revolut hungarian HUF bank account

Hi Revolut,

First of all, I would like to congratulate on their financial services!
Revolut is becoming more popular among Hungarian users.

It would be a great help if Revolution had a HUF bank account of Hungary, from which the forint account could be charged in HUF.

I wish you more success for their work!

Since, Laszlo Kovacs


Hi Laszlo!

Thank you so much for your kind words :heart:

Hopefully, we will be able to provide local IBANs in the near future!


Hi Andreas,

Is there any estimated time or planned date for the unique HUF IBANs? :slight_smile:

We are REALLY waiting for that!! :wink:




Hi! can someone please clarify why it is so important to have HUF account? what are the advantages? thanx!! Levi

Hi Levi,

You can transfer money without delay and without extra fees (minimum fee from any Hungarian bank is around 8-9.000 HUF per transfer). If you have unique HUF IBAN the transfer fee is just the fee you would pay to any Hugarian bank, the money is there asap as you have a unique account number, like now you do for EUR.


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Topping up by debit card is free , though. And instant, basically counts as an online card purchase.

Topping up is free but only available for DKK, USD, GBP, CHF, EUR, NOK, PLN, RON and SEK, not HUF. Untill there is no unique HUF IBAN, I cannot get my salary to my Revolut HUF account for example.


I see, yet I have had no trouble topping it up with HUF CONVERTED to EUR. Doesn’t bother me what the nominal currency is when it is primary used abroad

Top up any EURos by a card whose currency is HUF is not a problem. But you buy these EURos for a Hungarian bank course!

Hi Revolut Team,

Any news on this?
It would help a lot to be able to top up in HUF via credit card, or to have a local IBAN.



Dear Revolut,

I would also be very interested in the introduction date in Hungary. Any specific date at which you’d like to make it possible to top up in HUF without extra fees from Hungarian HUF accounts?



You can use Transferwise they have local IBAN

Yes, maybe the best solution so far. But for example for me it would be totally free.

FYI: You can vote for HUF here :point_right: Poll: Which top-up currency should we add next? 📊


The huf topup is finally active, however a hungaran iban would also be necessary, to be able to receive sallary, or to send money back from the “államkincstár” and so on. Until this is missing, it still cannot be used as a fully functional alternative of a bank account. There are 50 000+ hungarian users, so hopefully the hungarian iban will follow the topup fast!


Hi my fellow Hungarian Revolut users,

My (HU and international) clients pay me in HUF and EUR. Would you recommend using Revolut to receive these transfers or does it make more sense to use my HU bank account to get paid by my Hungarian clients?

Thanks for all the useful answers!

Just a detail in case you aren’t a Revolut for Business customer yet: For Business transactions you will need a company or freelancer account, or else your account will be locked.

Just this weekend I withdrew some HUF from my Revolut account, and apparently it was transferred from an IBAN account number that’s different from what is displayed in the app, even more: the account is apparently on my name.
Does this mean that the personal - no reference needed - HUF account is active, just not shown in the app? Can I use this seemingly personal account number for HUF transfers?

Nope… unfortunately not. If you’d like to top up your account with a bank transfer then you have the option to use a hungarian account number but thats not under your name. The beneficiary is Revolut and you need to add a reference number indentifying your account.

I dont know if R has local accounts anywhere except the UK, but as of today it certainly doesnt provide it in Hungary. (would be nice I agree, but I dont think thats gonna happen anytime soon)

BTW: you can test this easily, just send 10HUF to that account… if it doesnt bounce back then R just started to roll out that service.