Revolut holding my 40.000 EUR for a second week!!!


12.01.2018 I have done a SEPA transfer to my Revolut account. I accidentally put a wrong sum into a transfer exceeding a limit of 15.000 EUR. Now it is a second week after a transfer and my money are not transferred back to me neither in my Revolut account.
At first support agents said they are working on it, however, over past 7 days they aren’t even connecting to the chat despite the fact I am a premium user and writing them every day!! I am very dissapointed that nobody contacts me with information about this issue! My money is still not back in my back account and it is not in Revolut either. This is a disaster and customer service is the worst! I am now really worried about this sum of money and nobody is contacting me with information what is happening!
I insist Revolut team to contact me ASAP. If not, I am giving a claim to our state bank.
If you would like to loose your money, just top up it on Revolut! No support, no money and no respect!

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You could ask your current bank to return the money as you made a mistake. If you sent a wrong amount/ to a wrong conpany the bank must return it. However they charge for it around 100Euros

It is not the point. The money are transferred to Revolut and they do nothing with it, neither return them nor top up my Revolut account. Also, they are not contacting me at all! This is really abnormal…

Revolut is not responding me either for past 3 days. I’m very disappointed how their Help Center works…

Hi there. As I can see Katarzyna has responded & resolved your query. We’ve increased your annual top up limits.

Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused.


Andreas K.

Everything is solved now. Thank you. In the future please do your best to solve such kind of issues faster or at least give an update what’s going on.

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Not for Revolut it isn’t. I also notice how often there are posts on here saying that issues are resolved, when the customer clearly disagrees with their staff. Something that I think really is abnormal.

That’s not the case - they will make a request for a return of the transfer, but cannot guarantee it. As this is what is happening to me right now; I made a mistake with my account number (they changed it for some reason) when transferring a large sum (for me) before Christmas. I contacted them and my bank as soon as I was aware of the error (next day). Despite my and my bank’s best efforts they/their partners are refusing to return the transfer.

They have not told me, but have told my bank that they (or their partner) put my transfer into an account that did not have my name (although Andreas K stated March 17 on this forum that’s not possible) and are refusing to return it. They also will not give me the name/contact details of their payment processor &/or partner bank so I can take up my case with them directly.

Great company, great service.

If it arrived at someones account who has no right on the money a refund must be possible from your bank. If not you need a police statement for your bank and they could return the transfer.