Revolut high battery usage


I’ve been noticing Revolut consistently ranks a among the apps using the most battery on my phone, which is strange considering it’s a banking app.

Just to run a controlled test I opened the Revolut app and quit to the home screen, letting the app do its thing in the background for 24 hours. It spent 2.2% of my total battery usage.

Just for comparison I use multiple other banking apps some of them with more regularity like PayPal, N26 or transferwise and none of them has ever drained enough battery to even appear on the list. They’ve always been bundled by the phone with “other apps”, meaning they’re spending less than. 0,5% battery

What’s the reason for such high battery usage from Revolut app? Seems some optimization should be in order…



I find that the localisation feature of the app (always on - for card security, daily insurance etc) is the probable cause.

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Thats actually a good point. Do you have that enabled @megamaster? I dont and I couldnt confirm that battery drain.



I never gave location permissions to the Revolut app, so that can’t be the problem…



And it is not enabled either in the security settings? Though I believe it cant be enabled without location permissions.

Anyhow, which versions are you running? I cant confirm the issue for 5.8 on Nougat.



Yep, it’s 2% on my Android 6.0.1 phone.



I guess you mean you cant reproduce it either, right?



Not sure what you mean, battery usage screen just states 2% since last re-charge.



I have all location based features disabled in app and I also have not given location permissions to the Revolut app. I’m on Android 8.1

I don’t remember seeing Revolut among the high battery usage apps while on Android 7 before updating, but maybe I just hadn’t noticed it yet. And the update if anything improved battery life

I had Revolut set to run unrestricted without power management kicking in, but changed it yesterday to Enable the OS auto power management for the app. It reduced power usage from 2.2% to 1.3%

Still a lot considering I’ve not even actively used the app, just let it in the background and other banking apps draw so little battery they don’t even register and get bundled into the “other apps” category.

Also, after enabling the phone’s power management I stopped getting notifications. At that point its probably worth considering just setting the phone to don’t let revolut run in background at all

Could it be related to the app constantly updating exchange rates because of the alerts feature? Any way to disable it?



On my Android phone (OnePlus 3), whenever I leave the Revolut app running in the background, I get the High Battery Usage notification which says that it is draining my battery. I don’t have the location security setting for the card enable so it should not be the cause.



I can confirm this High Battery Usage notifications on my Huawei P10 with Android 8.
Am I missing any features if a disallow running Revolut in the background?



Mine use 7%
Nokia 7.1
Android 9 p



hi guys, it looks indeed to be an issue with battery management. I looked into privacy guard for this app (android phone) and I just edited the permissions. I found strange that the app is regularly reading. modifying and editing my contacts, so I disabled it. Modify contacts has been allowed 13760 times, which IMHO is quite a large number. In privacy guard I also disable keep awake and autostart. Hopefully this will improve battery usage.

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I got an update to the app earlier today, now it’s down to 2%

Have you checked for update?

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yep, looks good now!



Thank you for this “trick”, it did help until recent updates where it considerably dropped down battery consuming.

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I’m glad it helped!:grinning: