Revolut Help Centre


What has happened to the Help Centre area of Revolut’s website? It no longer displays properly. Also, the content and detail of information that is available there seems to have been drastically stripped back compared to what used to there. I would suggest to Revolut that they should sort this out sooner rather than later, because it is one of the first things that people new to Revolut would look at, and the way it is currently, which does not look at all professional, could be putting off potential new clients.


Hey rdc.

Can you explain a bit more about “not display properly”

I agree that the Help Centre search is a bit funky, but i think there is more information if you go through each category manually.


Having tried again, it appears that only certain browsers may be affected. It is OK on Firefox but on Internet Explorer the words are positioned on the left of the screen and are appearing on top of each other.


@AndreasK one for the developers.


Hi there. Thank you for your feedback. We are working on improving our Help Centre. :slight_smile:


I can confirm that. All horizontal elements are squashed together. However it is only an issue under IE (have only tested 11) and not under Edge.

I havent debugged it extensively, but from a quick glance it seems flexbox directives might be the reason*). For @revolut, if you remove -ms-flex-preferred-size and flex-basis from the rvl-HelpCenterPage-category class, it should be properly displayed again in IE (though then other browsers seem to lose some spacing).

@rdc, my guess is that wont get fixed all too quickly, considering that current mainstream browsers seem to render it fine and IE is currently with a 7% market share and the entire world seems to have gone :banana:s for that Google thing anyhow :wink: .

*) IE is not particularly strong in that field, but so was barely any browser at the time of its release :slight_smile: and Edge does support it - just to avoid the usual “discussions” :wink: