Revolut have blocked my account and are now ignoring my messages on Support chat

Hi there, hello @AndreasK

Earlier today I tried to make a bank transfer abroad through Revolut. I did not receive the 6 digit Revolut code on time so I clicked on resend and then I received 5 codes in the space of a few minutes…so I have probably entered the wrong code in as the codes kept coming and Revolut blocked my account. I need to make this transfer urgently and Revolut are ignoring my messages on Support. Help please!!!

It wasn’t really my fault for entering the wrong code as the codes kept coming so it must have been a fault with the system. Also, I already sent Revolut the 4 digit Revolut reference codes I topped up with and also scanned my cards I used to top up but my account is still blocked???

All sorted now, thank you very much Aleksandra

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hi, I have a similar issue, support is supposed to be 24/7 for premium accounts but it is igoring all my messages. My money are locked in revolt and I cannot do anything. I was really thrilled about this app but now I see lot of issues/limitations.