Revolut Glow Card

Guys, have you seen that Revolut now offers glow cards that apparently glow in the dark?


No, I didn’t but I just ordered it now!

From the Revolut promotional email:

Grab your glow-in-the-dark limited edition Anthony Joshua card

For £4.99, grab a limited edition card and help support independent UK gyms

Since March 2020, more than 400 independent facilities, including local gyms, have been forced to close their doors in the UK and 2,400 more facilities are at risk. These facilities play a key role in local communities, and we want to help.

That’s why we’ve partnered with Anthony Joshua to launch an exclusive glow-in-the-dark debit card. Revolut will donate £1 for every card ordered, with a minimum of £50,000 commitment from the company, to support struggling independent gyms that are members of England Boxing or Boxing Scotland.

The new card has a smooth minimalist design and features Anthony Joshua’s motto “258”, which shows his commitment to always pushing boundaries 24/7. Black and white during the day, the card will transform to striking green and black in the dark, so you can #LightItUp day or night.

Order your limited edition card in the Revolut app now, and support local UK gyms.

I’ve ordered one too :boxing_glove:

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Do these really genuinely glow in the dark? You can buy wristwatches with Tritium installed which radioactively glows in the dark for about ten years before it stops working.

At the cheaper end of the market there are materials which will glow for a few minutes after you charge them up by holding them under a bright light. To me that seems not much use if your card lives in mostly permanent darkness inside your wallet.

I’m Just wondering why at the checkout the completed fee is of £20 not as advertised in the email to be £4.99

Is it a one-time pay or it is a monthly subscription the £4.99 ?

Hi guys

Where did you find the link for buying the glow in the dark card?

That sounds strange, as I was charged £4.99. I just double-checked my Revolut balance and it has been debited by this amount as expected. All I can suggest is contacting support if yours is still coming up as £20. Remember to type “live agent” in the support chat if the Bot can’t help you.

It’s a one-off payment for the card, £1 of which is donated to independent gyms in England and Scotland.

In the app, go to Cards - Add Card - Debit card. Make sure that you’ve selected plastic as the material, and then under Colour, scroll all the way to the right and it should be there. Tap the Get glow card button and follow the steps:

I hope that helps!

This is happening to me too

It says 38.99 HRK and then asks for 178.99 HRK at the checkout, out of which 88.99 for the card and 90 for balance


Hi again

Unfortunately it didn’t help.

All I can see is the 4 ordinary colors Silver, Rose, Space Gray, Pluscard color and Standard.

I have the Premium account, maybe it isn’t possible with Premium?

Are you running the latest app version (v7.43)? Perhaps this is the issue.

Which glow card @markop151 would you like to have :sunglasses:

Are you in the UK @Snakepit? It’s just a thought, but perhaps this card is only available to UK users, as it’s a fundraiser for UK gyms? I’m not saying that’s the case, but I can’t think of another reason why the card wouldn’t be available to you.

I can confirm that it’s available outside the UK as well.

I have a USA Metal account and was able to have one sent to me!

Just received mine!

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Received my card today and I’m very disappointed with it, hardly glows at all and not worth the money.

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Some people on Reddit are saying that you have to charge the card for ar least a minute for it to truly glow. Have you tried that?

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Thank you, it does seem to be a lot better now.

I know it’s a novelty with no real-world use (I don’t know about you, but I’m unlikely to pay for anything while in darkness) but nevertheless, the card does look very cool!

Please excuse the low-quality GIF (and my unsteady hand) but I wasn’t able to attach a higher resolution file to this post:

Aesthetics aside, the card seems to be less rigid than others in my wallet. Perhaps this is an indication that Revolut are using less plastic in the manufacturing of these cards, which can only be a good thing. Yes it’s probably less durable than others, but it will live in my wallet so that shouldn’t be much of a problem.