Revolut Global Data SIM 📡 🌐 :r:


Hi Guys, I like a good deal and like to keep my phone connected to the internet. But aligning these two things when leaving the UK always seems to be an expensive, long or stressful process.

I have always considered these three options:

  • Roaming on my current UK SIM, expensive.
  • Buying a global SIM in the UK, lots of prices and deals to sift through and find the best deal, long.
  • Buying a local sim upon arrival, I don’t know which SIM or network to trust, stressful.

What if there was another way… A Revolut Global data SIM, a tried and tested product that was frictionless to purchase, and provided a good value high quality data connection. Please let me know your thoughts.

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I think you have to post your thoughts about pricing before we can tell you if we would use it. Pricing is everything.


I would welcome a global data SIM service developed and implemented to the same standards and pricing policy as the Revolut fintech model. It could easily become the same kind of successful pioneer in a field of mediocre attempts.

I have recently used the free trial of the Globalgig service for three months in about ten different countries - it worked surprisingly well in many, but not so well or not at all in others where it should work. I would not be willing to continue on their cheapest plan at about £25/month.

But I am sure it’s possible to develop a reasonably priced and reliable service for regular travelers who use a dual-SIM phone. Whether that market is large enough for it to become successful and popular is a little less certain, but if it can be done better than those currently available it’s certainly worth serious consideration.


Would love it.
I can use my allowance from Vodafone Germany in the EU, but outside I have to use other cards.
Something like Google Fi or Freedompop with international roaming would be super sweet.


As Simon says… pricing is everything. Personally I already have an all inclusive global data plan.


Mobile data is everything to me. I like the idea!


Love it. Very useful but would have to be equivalently priced as per standard local data sims. Travelling 3-4 times per year won’t warrant extra costs associated with a global sim


Thanks for the messages guys! I appreciate your feedback.