Revolut: give me my money back please


So I vowed never to use Revolut again. Unfortunately I still have a couple of hundred $ in my account which I’d rather not lose.

Unfortunately, when I go into the app, it asks me for my phone number. God know why, I am constantly verifying my phone number, so it should know by now. However, this time it has stopped showing my country code, so there is NO WAY of me logging into the damn app and getting my money back.

Please can you advise ASAP on how to get my money back, short of moving country. I have completely lost patience with Revolut. Unfortunately seeing as my card fell apart and Revolut don’t offer a free replacement, I am unable even to send money or topup my card.


It sounds like you have some software issue in general. My Pixel Phone stays logged in properly and I do not have problems logging out and in again.

What’s your system. Just for my curiosity.


I’m on Android. I havent touched revolut in a while so it may be that I logged out or reset the phone. Honestly I can’t remember. My main concern is that I literally can’t put in my phone number because the code (+232) is not available. It used to be, hence how I have registered in the past.


It appears that revolut have decided that my country is no longer supported, even though i still have money in my account


Hi there. Could you please send me a direct message so that I can help?


Did you get your money back?