Revolut getting charged in GBP when spendin in €


Two times in a row I bought items on in € and both times revolut got charged in £ even though funds in revolut are kept in €.
This is comment from paypal support:

I have reviewed the information you have submitted carefully, along with the activity on your PayPal account and, I can see that when you were using your card in our system your card issuer informed us that your card is in GBP currency, that’s why your transaction was converted from GBP to Euro.

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You need do de-activate the currency converter with PayPal to be charged in the currency of your vendor and not your card. It’s possible in the login when looking up the details for your card.



is that in ebay login or in paypal?



You can do it on PayPal just before you pay.

Step1: Click on “View conversion rates’ options”

Step 2: Choose “Convert with card issuer”

If you do this, you will pay in merchant’s currency and Revolut will handle the currency conversion. Therefore, you will get the best exchange rate. :slight_smile: Hope this helps.



The only problem is you have to do it every single time you buy in a currency your card isn’t issued in. At more than one occasion i have forgotten this step so now i try to avoid paypal like the plague.



Are those options available when you have no paypal account? At the time of purchase I did not have paypal account at all, only after ebay clarified that no matter how you pay it is still processed by paypal I created an account to contact paypal support.

Btw paypal refunded exchange fee on one of the transactions, awaiting response regarding another.



This is a blatant lie by PayPal, and you should challenge them on it. The truth is that PayPal, like any other merchant disingenuously carrying out dynamic currency conversion, detects from the IIB/BIN (the first 6 digits of your card number) that your card is issued in the UK and then makes a false assumption that the account is denominated in GBP. The same problem happens even with a UK-issued card on a EUR-denominated account. It is impossible for a merchant to detect the currency of a card, only its country of issue.

I’ve experienced PayPal converting amounts to GBP even when I have declined dynamic currency conversion and chosen “Convert with card issuer” as helpfully shown by @aleksvujic above.

Please see this thread, which discusses a way for Revolut to prevent this malpractice:



Hey everyone!

There is a way to disable Dynamic Currency Conversion on Paypal, meaning that you will ALWAYS be billed on the merchant’s currency. The option is well hidden but it’s there.

To do this go to your Paypal’s Summary Page > Seller preferences > My automatic payments - Update > My preapproved payments > Set Available Funding Sources > On your :r: card, Conversion Options > Bill me in the currency listed on the seller’s invoice.



Thanks! This worked for me!

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