Revolut for US-based LLCs?


We run a Wyoming (US)-based business (an LLC).

As we currently use Bank of America (and it’s insane fees) for our business, I am currently looking for an alternative.

Does Revolut offer their services also to US-based LLCs?


Hi @wagaboom - thanks for getting in touch. Currently we do not but we will be launching in the US next year so at that point we will be able to.

So please watch out for news in the coming months!



As an alternative slant on this question, I’d also like to know if it’s on your roadmap to allow US domestic routing/account numbers for non-US companies?

I use TransferWise Borderless for this purpose currently, since it’s ideal for receiving Stripe and other electronic payments.

But would prefer to keep it within the Revolut ecosystem!


Yep this should be coming for both Business and retail (eg. Standard) customers.

Matter of technical implementation + obtaining the necessary regulatory approvals.


Hi both @capital and @itsmelee - correct, we are working hard to make this a reality this year.