Revolut for large sum transfer

Let’s say I have a bank account in the US and one in France, and I want to move 75k€ from France to the US.
I’d rather use Revolut for that transfer, for low fees, especially low forex fees… Would Revolut let me do that or is it better to use TransferWise and the likes?
Thanks for your advice!

To be honest, I would not trust Revolut with such an amount of money at once. The history of locking accounts and not being able to resolve it timely is the reason for me.

If you try, first get in touch with Revolut, explain what you plan and see what they require as proof to be sure it’s not money laundering.

Let us know how you proceed.


Same is true for Transferwise. It’s best to contact them regarding large transfers and prepare documents for a “proof of funds” check.

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I had to transfer large sum after selling Spanish property. TransferWise were actually cheaper than Rev and I used them - great service. As said above you could still have to justify funds but it’s likely to take hours as opposed to weeks based on the many complaints on this forum. Personally I would take an awful lot of persuading to risk using Rev - and with TW being cheaper it was a no brainer.

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