Revolut for kids under 18 y.o

@AndreasK Any updates on this?

Very soon hopefully, I can bin the Go Henry cards then

Looking forward to it!

I’d love to see this!

It’s coming!

Revolut Youth :wink:

How soon is soon?
Can’t wait to order a gold metal card for my 4 years old :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Gold metal card? What’s that?

How long till release ? :thinking::thinking::thinking:

They’re already in circulation. Mine came a couple of days ago!

So how do I get them for my kids. Is there a guide?

Heya, I was referring to the gold metal cards

Revolut Kids is still in the works!

As with all other things - Soon ™

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Another month passed. How far is the card for youth?

Only been a few months since they got some parents to consult with - doubt its coming this year

Any update on this? It is almost a year now since Revolut Youth was presented basically and still not available. I really like Revolut and hold a Premium account meanwhile and want to use this for my older kid as well. If this is not coming soon I have to go to my local bank unfortunately.

They had a consultation months ago now about this with parents up in London.

It will be done within a year I’d expect

Not much info but it’s nice to know things are rolling.
@AndreasK ready for testing.
;- )=

actually there is new information:
:small_blue_diamond: Launching late 2019.
:small_blue_diamond: Card suited for underage users.
:small_blue_diamond: Parents will be able to manage their children’s cards via the standard Revolut app.
:small_blue_diamond: Children will have their own new app to track their own spending and manage their money. Launching early 2020.
:small_blue_diamond: The Revolut Youth card will have the card information printed on the back, becoming the first type of standard card with such design.
:small_blue_diamond: Children can receive top up from parents, get a regular allowance, and earn extra by completing tasks.

Source of compiled list:
RevRally recording: (topic starts at 35:00)


This sounds great! Can’t wait