Revolut for internationally mobile students or global conference - bulk orders ?


Every year thousands of students roam across Europe for university exchange courses - semesters - conferences.

How can we tap in their group-buying potential ?

Similar scenarios:


the University / Conference organizer pre-arranges a Revolut card for them, with a one-off bulk shipment (discounted, free, one-off payment, etc?)

Once the travel is confirmed, a process can be triggered. It might be a new enrollment process altogether compared to standalone consumer and business / corporate cards I assume.

Any more thoughts ?


Model United Nations as well.


Hey @nicola,

Do you have any contacts to these organisations? We’re keen to helping out students :slight_smile:



Ciao Val,

for BEST (Board of European Students of technology)
I do (since I am an Alumnus).

The international board memeber emails and names are here:

If you prefer, I can try to write an introduction first, or let you drive

I have seen the ‘University Race’, consider that BEST it’s a bit like
Erasmus Student Network, but mobilizes few thousands European students for
a couple of weeks summer courses every year, in a different european
country from where they are studying.

PS We have not met - but I am a Revolut shareholder via Crowdcube - so will
try to help as much as I can.