Revolut for Hotel?

I read somewhere that Revolut can not be used to pay for a hotel room, but I am curious to know if that is true. It would be nice to pay with my card, if the hotel we are staying allows it.

Usually Hotels only accept credit cards so they can charge you if you break things

I already paid Hôtel Room several times (Swiss, Netherlands, Morocco) with my Revolut card, I never had any problem


Paid for a hotel only recently as well.

Paid for a hotel in several places as well (USA, Oman, Morocco, Germany, …).

You can use your card for Hotels.

But keep in mind that some hotels might ask for a security deposit. And sometimes, they don’t release this deposit right at checkout. So you might end up with reserved funds that are not available.

That’s not specific to Revolut and happens with all cards, but it’s more annoying with prepaid cards.


Until a couple years ago there were some situations where you could only use credit cards, such as a lot of Internet purchases, rental cars and hotels.

Nowadays I find that for Internet purchases, everyone that accepts credit cards also accepts debit, hotels are also generally OK with debit, and rental cards are generally also OK outside the US.

Due to the credit card culture in the US where everyone has a credit card you generally need credit to rent a car.

For hotels I usually pay with card but pay the deposit they require in cash upon check in. That way I recoup it at check out and avoid having an authorization on the card that can take weeks to go away