Revolut for Estonian E-Residents


Is it possible to get a Revolut business account for Estonian E-Residents? I’ve just registered my company in Estonia and looking for bank account my business. The signup process on Revolut requires some EU Visa information which I don’t have yet.
I am a digital nomad from Kazakhstan currently living and working in Vietnam for some international startups. Thanks.


try the yaccept e-residents


E-residents not real country. I think for virtual country you can not get Revolut for business. Virtual country or other E-Residents not real country and there are no rules for other European countries.
You can looking only offer for Estonian E-Residents. Thanks


Hi there @Bekzat

I am afraid, one of the requirements to open an account with us is a proof of physical presence, unless the owner or director is from EEA or has a document allowing to reside within EEA.



If I live in Spain and have an Estonian E-residency business, do I qualify for a revolut business account?


Is this something Revolut would consider? E-residents could open up Revolut to a much larger user base for business users at the very least, and would save e-residents a trip to Estonia to have to deal with brick and mortar banks!

Especially considering that the UK will be exiting the European Union on March 29th 2019.

cc: @AndreasK