Revolut for Estonian E-residency


Estonian e-residency Card is a digital identity card issued by Estonia for people around the world.

It helps digital nomads around the world to be eligible to do business in EU.

Estonian e-residency Card is not yet accepted by Revolut as a verification method, but it could open a whole new market for new Revolut users.

Do you consider accepting EU e-residents?


Estonian e-residency does not grant citizenship, and can be obtained by pretty much anyone.
Therefore, it can not be used for :r: (personal accounts), which require you to be from the EU or live legally inside it.

When it comes to Revolut for business, here are one of the limitations:

Revolut for Business is currently available for companies registered and with a physical presence within the European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland.

I think they might accept it in a far future where personal accounts can be opened anywhere, and when their :r: Business is less restrictive, but I don’t think that will be anytime soon.


It is true that anyone can apply for E-Residency, but it is not true that it can be obtained by anyone.

Estonian Minstry Interior Affairs does strong checkup of applications before approving e-Residents. It virtually makes them Estonians.

The e-residency program is invented exactly for that reason to grant access to services and business operations in EU (EEA) regardless of location and nationality.

I see on obstacles for allowing e-Residents to use Revolut apart of lack of initiative from Revolut side.
It should be considered in near future, not the far one.


What I meant by anyone is: pretty much anyone around the world. Of course there are checks in place, just like for everything.

It does not make them Estonian. They do not have citizenship, nor can they obtain a passport and so on.

While the e-residency is a good idea for entrepreneurs, the official website points to only 3 banks supporting them, all from Estonia.

Revolut is still a relatively new service (even more when it comes to their Business services), without a banking licence, I really don’t blame them for not supporting this.
I’m not saying this is a bad idea or anything like that, but they still have a long way to go.


While it is true that e-money companies can offer services under this e-residency program, Revolut is a service that has close ties with many partners for certain services. That means they have to not only come up with their own T&Cs but to negotiate T&Cs with all their service partners, which all have different ideas how KYC and money laundering prevention should be implemented. When Revolut first started, they were available for Swiss customers for example, until their card issuer (if I remember correctly) asked them to stop issuing cards there.

Also, the e-residency is for businesses, not for individuals. And since Revolut applied for a banking license, all this is going to change in a couple of months. So I would ask this question again then. :wink:

(I have no insights into Revolut’s plans, I am just guessing here.)


Dear Revolut Support,
Due to the nature of my business I am always on the move. I have recently registered a company in Estonia (and also obtained E-residency). I do not have residency in Estonia however I have a 10 year UK visa. I have a Schengen Visa which gets renewed every year (I can show proof).
Is it possible to open an account using Revolut for Business only - for my Estonian registered company?


If your UK visa is a residency visa (and not a visitor) yes, you can open an account.

Estonian e-residency is kinda bias. Imagine people out of EEA can’t even visit EU even if they have e-residency granted by Estonia and according to european laws they should be able to travel around too. But they’re not.

Short: this e-residency is bogus. Does not grant you actually any right within EEA.