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Direct Debits not available. Hi, I’m a business user in UK. Until the latest update we were able to view our Direct Debits that are live and already set up on our accounts. It is no longer available. I’ve been trying to chat to the support agent for over 2 hours but he’s a bit simple. Can someone please fix this bug ASAP. I’ve been going on about it for 2 weeks.

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how I get to support chat, because I cant login to my Metal business acc, do you have any support email

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Does it mean that a direct debit could work in EU or EEA over the SEPA and debit some customers that are added manually in the system ? Or this is part of the invoice engine ?

Hi - LOVE the new invoice feature. Would be good to be able to attach a company logo in addition to the personalised message… Shouldn’t be a hard feature to integrate I hope?

Keep it up!

Hello! I’m sorry I can’t find this info anywhere: With Revolut Business, do I get my unique bank account number to which my business’s clients can transfer money? Or do my clients need to transfer to the common Revolut bank account and pay attention to put my reference code in the comment field when transferring money? Does a unique bank account number already come with the free tier of Revolut Business?

Best to my knowledge the basic business account comes everywhere with a local account number and sort code, plus IBAN for international transfers. It certainly does in the EU and UK. It is mentioned in the price list (“local accounts in XXX”, “IBANs for international payments”). To be safe I would check for your country on the website. You can also chat with the sales team before signing up.

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I have the same problem. I’ve been waiting 7 weeks already although you guys told me it will be fixed in 16 working days. Right know if contact business support I constantly get the same answer that they will give the problem to the team who can help me out, but after that nobody is helping me. The costumer service you guys offer is just horrible.
Please help me out.

Hi there, I understand you’re not happy with Revolut’s support. I just want to let you know that you’re addressing fellow users here. It’s a user community, and Revolut currently does not provide support here. (—> Twitter!)

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I am amazed that people do use :r: for business :sweat_smile:
Had big troubles by trying to open a business account, so gave up immediately as can’t trust business money to a service where problems starts at the beginning :thinking:

Starling bank business account was much more promising and it paid off :wink:

I suppose it depends on what you want and need. There are some bumps with Revolut, especially if you need support, but overall it works really well for a business account. If you take card payments they are actually very competitive (both with their card reader and online processing). Starling refers their customers to SumUp. I have used them before and they are way more expensive and slower. With Revolut, at least so far, I always had my money available in exactly 24 hours, including weekends and bank holidays. I’d like to see a provider who beats that.

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since 2 days ago I tried to get an API from Revolut business, but it doesn’t work. It shows that its downloading but no number appears on merchant account where the API code suppose to appear. I have to add that my website is close for the moment as its under construction for e-commerce ( is this the reason why I can get an API, because Revolut wants to check the website?).
Thank you in advance for your guidance

They do “check” the website, Revolut asked me to add a privacy statement that was already there for years. In my case they did this when I applied for the merchant account, not when generating the API key (which I did only for test purposes anyway). There shouldn’t be a second check, you probably have to contact support.

Having set up on Revolut for Business, we are now having some issues and I haven’t been able to get through to my contact, who helped us to join, nor was there anyone connecting on the live chat.
We have an issue with one user who is unable to register as the code sent never works.
We would like to stop the email notifications which happen whenever there is a payment/card/balance issue, as we have a work open email system.
I do have another couple of questions, but getting any help seems really difficult.
Any advice, much appreciated.

What are the criteria for opening an account? You clearly have some algorithm that is preventing valid applications from proceeding. “We cannot onboard you at this time” I suspect it is something as numpty as the geolocation of the IP address. I tried several times, but before the txt message containing the code even arrives, I am told that I can’t be onborded. Frustrating. So yep, I read this post and others recommending Starling. You must be losing a lot of customers to them. and I am one of them.

Hi , someone has an experience how to solve this :
More than 10 days before money arriving into account sent contract to support . They reviewed and say that everything is clear .
With the payment my profile is restricted , can’t make any of payment and no one can say when it should be finished .

My first step would be a formal complaint and then escalate if needed:

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Welcome to Revolut :sweat_smile:

That’s why I never used Rev business as didn’t want to end up this way :expressionless:

Check for properly established business account provider, eg Starling Bank :sunglasses:

I’m trying to find out information about which UK business savings accounts will accept payments from Revolut? So far, Aldermore, Recognise and Virgin Money have all said no. If there are none, it seems I will need to close my Revolut Business account, which is a nightmare really. Please can someone, anyone help?

Hi @cswilson10 and welcome

Did they specify any reason for refusal?
What mechanisms did you employ in order to make the payments?

Thanks Graham,

It was something to do with Revolut’s banking license not being a “full UK bank” which means they don’t accept transfers.

I really don’t want to move my business from Revolut as I like it and updating customers etc is a pain, but I also need to be able to put my savings into a higher interest easy access account and if none accept payments from Revolut, I’m stuck.

I’d choose a savings account with less interest if it meant I could keep my Revolut account too, so is the stress of having to move it, but it seems my hands are tied… can’t find one anywhere.

I also wonder, what do other Revolut business banking clients do ? What savings accounts do they use?

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