Revolut for Business 🏢

Hi Vlad, did you managed to register afterall ? I encountered the same issue.

Hay may nem bogdan moldovan[quote=“Mike, post:9, topic:705, full:true”]
Great idea. I would certainly use it for my business.
It would have to have an option within the app to somehow print out the invoice for various fees that occur during use of card. The invoice would have to include also the TAX ID number that we use in EU.
Cool idea.

I have a bug to report.
Our Accountant has VIEW only permissions for the Expenses page. Since this month, our Accountant lost access to the Expenses page. I had to give them MANAGE permissions so that they can see the Expenses page again.
I expect for users with VIEW Expenses permissions to be able to see and export expenses.

Dear Revolut Community,

I have a question about how to load my Business Account.

  1. Isn´t it possible to load my Business Account via Credit Card?
  2. i read, that it is possible to transfer Money from my personal Paypal Account to Revolut Business account. Is that true? So then it should be possible to load my Paypal Account with Credit Card and than load my Revolut Business Account with Paypal.

Thank you for your answers and healthy Corona Time,

B. R.

Hi to all the team,

I wanted to provide you my feedback concerning the iOS app.

There is currently no “Widgets” to see the current cash ammount without going into the app.

It is such vital for a banking app. Thank you for your concideration!

I wish you the best.