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In my Revolut app It is a message I am not able to open entirely, but it says that I need to confirm that I authorised a payment who looked suspicious… I am trying to call revolut contact number ‭+44 20 3322 8352‬ but it doesn’t work…
Thank you for your replay

Trimis de pe iPhone‑ul meu

This seems secret as i could not find anywhere!!

Where do you get this number from? From
What part of " Block your Revolut Card in the app anytime, or call our automated phone-line +442033228352" is not clear? Use in-app chat or contact them via twitter/facebook if you need someone to chat with!

Hi Vlad!

You can find all the information about the eligibility to open a Revolut Business account on our website’s FAQ section:

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Revolut Team

@Sanjay @Ruxxx

Hi there!

As @zapata correctly mentioned, that phone number is used to block the Revolut Card if needed, for security reasons. For other matters we currently only provide assistance via the in-app support chat.

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Revolut Team

Hi Cyrus,

We’re sorry to hear that you don’t find the Revolut Business simple enough.
Business accounts are better managed on a computer, although some other operations are already available on the app, and we’re adding more features in the future.
Some actions might require the use of the mobile device to approve payments, for example, and this is an additional security measure used to protect our users, it works as a two factor authentication.

We take our user’s feedback with the utmost care, so we would like to thank you for providing this opinion regarding our business product.

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Revolut Team

I’ve allready read all the information regarding eligibility, but my application was denied for no reason, many times by now. It’s a construction company from Romania, so is eligible, but after I entered the information about my company in the application form, the application was rejected before I even upload the documents.

Thanks for your respons. I am a software engineer myself and I completely understand the need or use of combining approving payments or having two factor authentication.

However signing up to Revolut business should be much simpler. If you start the signup on Pc, then go through the whole process on pc and complete everything there. If you start the sign up process on a mobile device then keep everything there… This process is completely separate from the option you can offer on a pc after registration.

I hope you improve this. I really like revolut, however I have now given up on revolut business twice.

I would strongly recommend simplifying the signup process for the Revolut business.

And thank you for a great product in Revolut, I am extremely satisfied and recommend it to everyone and all my clients.


My in app support chat is disable keep saying “you are offline” now i got no option then talking here, now i can understand here you guys got preset messages to shoot i mean maybe just copy and paste but if you really wants yo help me or similar problems like me then you should check issues from here and resolve straightaway as some of them maybe just very little issue but waiting longer then ever or stuck no where just for one genuine resolution i am sure you can hire more staff or give proper training to your current staff how to make it faster it’s not rocket science anyway some of us don’t mind paying little bit for messages or if there is proper solution for over time.

I hope you will look into my account and see what’s exactly problem is as i have never use since open a business account for last allmost 2 and half months so there should be any review is it so I request you to check atleast intially and reply otherwise i or we know how system works I don’t like disturbing you guys without reason.

My in app chat option is not working showing offline

I did try to contact in any form of revolut contacts but still no proper response?

Please confirm if the exchange rate is the same for the personal card and business card

Hi Daniela, the exchange rate for business accounts depends on the plan, you can exchange at real rate until you reach the limit of your plan’s allowance. You can see all about it here.

Best regards,
Revolut Team

I tried today to register for a business account but got rejected. Is there a way to find out why and if something can be done about it ?

You need to reply to customers and speed up your system

They dont have a good reply system dont join

You need to sort peoples restricted accounts and release funds that are in the account also

Waiting response on my money for 6 days blocked for no reason got this email last tuesday andthen nothing,. Dear Wayne, Please note we are reviewing your account and we will provide you with further details as soon as the review is finished. Meanwhile, you can contact us if you have any questions. Thank you for your understanding. Best regards, Team Revolut.

Dear H Wayne, Please accept our honest apologies for that waiting time and any inconvenience caused. We understand this is causing extreme stress and inconvenience when the account is temporarily locked, however we are doing our best to fix this as soon as possible. Unfortunately, we cannot provide you with a specific time frame, but rest assured that we are doing our best to finish this as quickly as we can. Thank you for your patience and understanding. Best regards, Boris

This seems to be the only thread in Business that pops up when searching for MT940. May I conclude that MT940 is not supported?

I see there’s a Xero connection, but that’s rather specific. MT940 would allow for a plethora of accounting apps to connect.

Guess my follow-up question would be: is there any hope for MT940 on Revolut? Or did Xero manage to get an exclusivity deal?

I’m having an absolute nightmare with Revolut Business - I receive a large (6 figure) sum into my account and for days now it shows as pending. I receive an email saying they need more information - fine I think - fraud checks and all - but no requests for information are made.
I go on-line chat - nothing useful beyond ‘the team that deals with this will be in touch’.
I’m still sat here with the funds ‘pending’, no one to talk to - I’ve just been passed to a ‘manager on duty today’ after asking repeatedly - it’s shocking service
Anyone else had such issues??