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Did they specify any reason for refusal?
What mechanisms did you employ in order to make the payments?

Thanks Graham,

It was something to do with Revolut’s banking license not being a “full UK bank” which means they don’t accept transfers.

I really don’t want to move my business from Revolut as I like it and updating customers etc is a pain, but I also need to be able to put my savings into a higher interest easy access account and if none accept payments from Revolut, I’m stuck.

I’d choose a savings account with less interest if it meant I could keep my Revolut account too, so is the stress of having to move it, but it seems my hands are tied… can’t find one anywhere.

I also wonder, what do other Revolut business banking clients do ? What savings accounts do they use?

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If interest rates aren’t that important, the Barclays business savings account accepts payments from Revolut (I use it myself).
Virgin Money surprises me a bit. I left them about a year and a half ago. They have some savings accounts that only work with a linked Virgin current/business account. But they also have a “business access savings account”, which is advertised as a stand alone account from which you can make/receive payments to and from any other account. I couldn’t find anything in the small print that would prevent you using Revolut. Was their answer maybe just for a specific account?

Opening a free Virgin business account could be a workaround. You certainly can transfer from Revolut to the Virgin business account and then fund your Virgin savings account from there. It’s an annoying extra step, but will work until Revolut gets a banking licence.

I don’t have a business account so can’t vouch for this but are savings account vaults available in Revolut for Business accounts?

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Thanks - I’ll go for Barclays then. Hopefully it’s easy access? (I can Google it but just in case you know!) The customer service from Virgin Money was awful too. I was seething by the end of it, so hopefully I won’t need to open a Virgin business account but is a good shout.

Thanks so much, really helpful.

Thanks - no sign of Vaults for business either.

Hello, I’ve been waiting for a long time to be onboarded but still no update unfortunately. Can someone help to speed up the process please? :pray:t2:

Hi @Goldmann and welcome.
Sorry to learn of your problem.
Will the [attached form] to contact :r: Sales Team help perhaps?
Use the section at the bottom of the form to outline your issue.

Could your team help me please, I just opened a Revolut Business account. But I am having trouble loading my cards. Or adding money to my account… I tried thru my bank Bank of America, Western Union and I am getting ready to try my Wells Fargo account. Can you guys tell me an easy way of loading my account? Your site suggested Fedwire … but that looked very confusing to me. Please I need your help. Thank-You

Hi @rick108 and welcome
Is the post above yours indicating the form to use for business enquiries helpful?
I do hope you can get your issue resolved by reaching out to the team in this way.

Hi. I’m about to start a business in Austria - a limited (=Ges.m.b.H.). §10 Ges.m.b.H. law requires that the bank approves the needed amount has been deposited. How can I get that from Revolut?

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As this is a user forum, no one may be in a position to answer that question here but as in the post above yours :arrow_up: using the Business form for an enquiry could help in resolving your question.
Let the community know the result - it may help other user in the future :+1:

Thanks. Unfortunately I couldn’t find any forms or email-address - do you have a link? it says I have limited access as I’m new to the forum… maybe that’s why?

The form to complete is [here]

Using business Revolut for payments to Croatian banks and state treasury accounts


As Croatia adopted euro recently, I’m interested in using Revolut business account for monthly SEPA credit transfers to Croatian banks for salaries and income fees to treasury accounts (handled by Croatian National Bank). Croatia uses SEPA credit transfer ISO 20022 pain.001.001.03 payment specification for inter-bank transfers, and between parties fields like 'Poziv na broj primatelja' & 'Poziv na broj platitelja' are heavily used for automatic item clearing, especially for treasury accounts. In SEPA specification, these fields are <Ref> and <EndToEndId> respectfully. However, upon inspecting Revolut business account demo and Revolut Business API these fields are of course not present because Croatia is using them exclusively.

Is Revolut aware of this situation and could we expect some sort of a solution in the near future?

There is a proposition from (most of it in Croatian) - stating basically the field reference should be used but this is only guidance which is not implemented anywhere.

Because of the fact most of the business payments are done with xml ISO 20022 pain.001.001.03 files which are generated in accounting programs and then uploaded to internet banking interfaces of Croatian banks, having that functionality would completely suffice my needs.


Could you please advise if it is possible to transfer money from private individual to the UK legal entity with your servise?
Thank you in advance!

Welcome @1607G,

This is a user community, you’re talking to other Revolut customers here, not Revolut Support staff. Generally you can transfer from your Revolut account to any other account or receive money from any other account. Revolut is not (yet) a bank in the UK, but the account works exactly like any other bank account in terms of transfers.

Is your enquiry actually in regard to Revolut Business (the title of this topic) or should it be moved with glesga’s response to another topic?

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