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i wanted to know if it is possible to top up a business card from an account that isn’t owned by the business. E.g. an employee is working overseas wants to add money to the business card so that they can spend using the card without having to expense it?


I don’t think top ups are available for business users, you’ll just have to transfer money from the business account and let them spend that, alternatively you need to just have them do the expenses

Sure, why not? Every time a customer pays a bill, the money will be sent from an account not owned by the business.

How do you get in touch with revolut salespeople to discuss this Revolut Business account ?


Dear Revolum Community,

My question is the following: Is it possible to use a Revolut for Business account for my company instead of a standard payment terminal? For clarification, the company manufactures certain goods with a price tag around let’s say EUR 8,000 and sells it to end customers. Obviously, I would like to avoid % fees to banks that are charged when using a standard payment terminal.

Thank you very much for your responses!

currently revolut doesn’t provide any related service unfortunately, not even for online payments.

Thanks! Meaning it is not possible to receive payments from customers for the goods delivered? From other than Revolut accounts. And if it is, what would be the fees?

Thanks again!

Have you already managed to implement this idea in your e-shop?

only as bank transfer SEPA, UK or SWIFT. no fees for receiving.

Hello, in Revolut for Business is possible to get unique IBAN in PLN currency for Ltd companies?

it’s a multicurrency SWIFT IBAN, but under your business name after you’ve finished the advanced onboarding process.

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With Revolut business you can received money from customers.
At the time of writing this you can have bank accounts in a variety of different currencies but all are based in the UK so if your customer sends money from outside UK they may need to pay a higher fee for SEPA multinational transfer.

I am excited and have download the app. It keeps asking me for further information to open my account which I have recently sent. I sent a copy of my utility bill along with the latest payment from the client in my account. I am desperately waiting and don’t know where my application stands. I want to use revolut business because it has more options than the other apps like creating pots for budgeting the business. Can someone help please? It’s been going for a month And I don’t know what to do next. There is no phone number or live chat to contact someone at revolut. Thank you

Hi Latifa! We’re sorry to hear you’ve experienced issues with our Onboarding process. If you want to know exactly where your application stands or if anything is needed, I will kindly ask you to contact us on our support chat where our agents will be able to take a look and help you proceeding with the application.
To do so, you can sign in on our website, here: and click on the chat bubble on the bottom right-hand corner. If you just send us a message I can guarantee you an agent will shortly reply!

Best regards,
Revolut Team

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There is no bubble when I log in. I will email you a screenshot of my page.

There is no bubble to chat from. Please see attached what I have. I hope it will be sorted soon.


it’s right there at the top right with the question mark.

If you’re using the app instead, you can click on the chat bubble with the question mark at the top and then scroll until you find the option to chat with us. Let us know if you managed to do it!

Got it! That’s what I did. I already posted my problem there.

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