Revolut for Business 🏢


Well, it is probably the best time of the year for Fintech industry but Revolut for Business won’t be alone. I guess they’ll be facing tough competition from these:

  2. Cashplus
  3. Pay With Fire

Currently, all of these have either an alpha or beta service. Cashplus has been running in production for over a decade but Revolut for Business hasn’t even announced an alpha release schedule yet. So I guess they’re quite late to the party, unless of course, they update the users and/or engage with the business community and SMEs.


Good to see competition, that helps increasing the pace. Unfortunately all the 3 you mentioned are UK-only (+Ireland in case of Tide) so neither would be suitable for my company. I hope that Revolut strives for an almost global launch.


Being able to transfer PayPal credit to the card would be good, as at the moment we take our Gbp PayPal credit to our uk bank and then transfer the monies from uk bank to or transferwise to do the transfer over to Euros, Being able to take Paypal credit directly to the card would save us time and money, Regards



You must be kidding me. Cashplus is a disaster, in all their activities.


Disaster or not, they do have one of the biggest market share currently as they have a working product while others don’t.

They claimed to have over 15 million customers few years ago.

Until Revolut for Business announces their plans, Cashplus will remain the market leader unfortunately!


They claimed to have over 15 million customers few years ago.

HSBC has much more but it does not make them less shitty than they are. I hope this fintech stuff will create issues for so called “big players” and make them move or disappear.


Well I hope so too.
But remember, all these new challenger banks or fintechs are piggybacking on The Big Four banks. Without them, the fintechs won’t survive.


Any news for Christmas? :slight_smile: I believe that your investors would be also happy to see the long awaited announcement of Revolut for Business beta launch.


Have you consider integrating with other fintech providers such as Spreedly? It would be really handy to enhance online payment capabilities of your gateway.


Hi Guys! Happy new year. Do you have a beta yet? Any idea when we can we test this?


Seems that the plan to open beta before Christmas 2016 was not met… Hey, Revolut, any new estimate? For me is that a matter if I wait for your release or go to a traditional bank with our branch offices in Czechia and Estonia.


would like to know the same :slight_smile:


@neil is this still on the cards? any ETA yet?


We are nearly there for beta guys, keep an eye out for an update soon!


I would really like to use Revolut as a payment gateway in my store. You should add it as payment gateway for Shopify the same way Uphold did. You can add it simply by installing their app in your store


Will all people who pre-registered be able to participate in the BETA when it becomes available? or will it be based on the answers of the survey?


Yup, more info on the site now
Something is going on lol… I am so excited! :smiley:


Looking forward to see the announcement!


Hello! Do you have any idea about when the Revolut for Business will begin?



I here for revolut business … We need terminal monétique card for take paiement , or help for configuration of terminal… great idea. I’m tired to conventional banking , too expensive commissions and not easy to use.