Revolut for Business 🏢


in the future it might be worth considering offering payment terminals as well,
especially machine (unattended) terminals and offering a way for manufacturers to include a payment terminal they can “debug” when something goes wrong.

i see this as an open market because right now, for machine terminals, you usually have 3 parties involved to try and resolve issues:

  • manufacturer, customer (of the machine), and payment provider (which is almost never a pleasant combination)

revolut could come in and create a payment terminal that can be tested/debugged/verified by the manufacturer that puts the terminals in their machines, while having the financial side still go to their customer.

i know it’s much and probably not for today… but without a doubt worth looking into


Can you provide more info on your Merchant account offerings?
I could be very interested in this.


Oh please, topping the accout with CZK and exchange to EUR is a must for my company. Having employee cards would be beneficial! :slight_smile:


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An idea for merchant accounts: Some payment gateways enable paypal payments without the business having a paypal account so payment goes through the payment processor’s own paypal account. Very useful. See 2CO as an example. A feature like theirs would be massively good for loads of companies from all over the World.


What does everyone think of being able to set up direct debit on Revolut bussineses to start charging customers?


This is exactly what I need. I’m in the process of my web build and looking for a payment gateway / merchant account. I use Revolut personally and am very impressed. Is there any proposed dates for this info being released?


I would also be looking for the facility to trigger automatic payments with the merchant account / payment gateway


If this can be combined with an API access then I will be over the moon!



I signed up as soon as I heard. Any idea when this you will start to create accounts? I am keen to get started.



If you could incorporate the features of GoCardLess, that would be one less payment service we’d need to integrate:


I am an existing user of Revolut, mainly for my business travel, and I love the flexibility, features and good value Revolut offers me.

We have a number of frequent business travellers in our company and we also have freelancers working in exotic locations who need to be paid out. Revolut business could be ideal for us.

The following are features I would suggest:

  1. I would like to have ONE prepaid balance for the company in each of the 3 Revolut currencies, then issue cards to different users that would all have access to this balance. I should be able to control individual spending and cash withdrawal limits on each card via a web interface in real time. Obviously the total spend by al cardholders could not exceed the amount of prepaid balance our company holds. This would allow travelling employees flexibility for unexpected expenses (like if they get stranded and have to buy a new air ticket, or they end up in hospital) without tying up too much of the company’s cashflow. What I would NOT want to have to do is manually load individual cards before each business trip, unload unused funds afterwards etc… too time consuming.

  2. I would be willing to pay a reasonable extra amount or put a blocked security deposit for a premium card version that works like a credit card so it could be used for pre-authorizations or in offline locations. Things like hotels, hire cars, road tolls, pay-at-the-pump etc are important for business travellers but typically pre-paid credit cards don’t handle these things well.

  3. If we were to use Revolut for receiving business payments, I would like a direct IBAN account number with our company name as beneficiary - otherwise I would prefer to use regular banks. For sending payments it is important that our company name is mentioned on the outgoing transfers.

  4. Regarding currencies, if you are adding another base currency, then CHF would be my choice. But generally most of our income is in USD, the majority of our day-to-day expenses are in EUR, and our business travel expenses are the currencies where Revolut already has good rates. From that point of view it is perfect for us. So our card spending is in lots of currencies (Meals, transport etc). If we are sending a bank transfer, we typically pay our suppliers with a USD or EUR transfer anyway even if they are outside the USD/Euro zones, so we have less need for currency exchange on our bank payments.

Hope this is useful, and keep up the good work.


Need Revolt to accept payouts from Amazon to US account without currency conversions (similar to what Payoneer does).

Then ability to wire the money to our European USD account (without currency conversions) or pay suppliers in USD.


Hi, I need to open an account for my company based in New Zealand (100% owned by my UK company), ideally I need to have my own IBAN or at least swift and account number to make and receive international payments in several currencies (usually EUR, USD, GBP, CHF).

We all love Revolut, if you can serve our business needs your business will be huge.

Best regards


Seems like a nice initiative - similar to what is planning.
Does anyone know when Revolut Business beta will open?


Any update here? Seems like nobody is listening :frowning:


Hi All,

We have recently started an import export business. Each country has its own company and therefore its own accounts and expenses. Would it be possible to provide a platform that allowed you to manage the accounts of multiple accounts in multiple countries?

How would it work if I had a client who wished to pay me in AUD in Australia? Do you plan to extend the currency base to more than just GBP USD and EUR?



I’m really interested in Revolut for Business (as it’s been so great for personal use). What is the intended launch date - even just roughly?


Maybe some beta-testing of Revolut for Business are planned?
My startup company can participate in beta-testing and provide valuable feedback.


I’m also keen to start testing Revolut for Business with my small business. Please let us know when do you expect to launch the beta. The personal version is incredibly amazing, I’m sure it will be a game changer even in beta with a limited feature set.