Revolut for Business - How far have people got?

Hey Everyone

I’m curious how people are getting on with Revolut for Business. We signed up on the 13th June and got access on the 21st June. We’re pretty excited to get started unfortunately since getting access the ordering cards feature has been broken with support unable to provide a timeline for a fix. I get using a new service like Revolut is about accepting odd random bugs in exchange for awesome features no traditional bank can offer.

But I’m starting to wonder if anyone actually has a Revolut for Business debit card and used it? or are we all in the same boat with accounts that aren’t fully useable.

UPDATE (31 July 2017): All the issues we had at the beginning are now resolved and we’ve finally made the switch to using Revolut for invoices and payments. If you have any questions about how it works feel free to ask me.


It’s been a few more days and still no word on when we can order cards. On top of this the business site is down ( If anyone from support sees this I think its time for status page and maybe just be upfront with us about issues. If your hit a serious problem, explain why so people can be more understanding. We’re starting to wonder if we’re just a few months too early for Revolut.

I just got my account opened today. Just tried to transfer funds to the account but unable to order cards and told that it was not possible to do so yet. Am also hitting the problem of not being able to login - but that seems to be a part of the general outage Revolut are suffering this morning, with the app etc, not working (see their Twitter feed).

Thanks for reply, good spot on Twitter. I think our plan is going to give things another week to see if they can get the cards up and running otherwise we’ll drop down to small package (25/month) and come back in 3 months when they’ve had time to get things more stable.

We too are wondering if we are too early. It’s an interesting proposition but doesn’t seem ready. It’s back online now though.

We’ve now transferred most of the money out of our account - If I’m honest I was worried about what could happen to it after seeing so many complains about them. I guess on a support site all you are going to see is negative comments. When the cards are working and if they let me know they’ve fixed it I’ll give them another go.

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You need to keep in mind that every forum (with the main purpose being that of support.) tend to have complaints, as satisfied users tend to get on with their daily lives.

@capital I completely agree with you its not the best benchmark for a service reading only negative feedback.

On positive note card ordering now works and they emailed to let me know so I think we’ll be able to give things a real test run now. I’ll make sure I post updates good or bad.


I suspect there’s a slight delay as they’re switching to a new card partner (From PaySafe to Wirecard.).

I have been raving about Revolut since I got my card 6 weeks ago and was seriously considering moving my business account to them. However, since then I’ve had a few issues (I don’t think its Revolut causing the problem) and I need to speak to someone there BUT cant get hold of anyone, no phone, no live support. IT excels in some areas but is sadly flawed in others

I guess it depends on you plan to use Revolut Business. Our plan is to have Barclays account with an overdraft and use that account to do PAYE via BACS. It’s likely we’ll be using Barclays for a mortgage this year. Revolut will act as way for us to store invoice payments in different currencies. So for example say we get $50K and £50K coming in monthly. And we normally spend £3K on software/services, though most of them are billed in dollars we hope that by storing our dollars for the month we can pay back any bills we owe in dollars saving on conversations. At the end of the month we’ll convert everything but $5K into GBP and move that into the Barclays account. We love the idea of virtual cards as we will likely set up critical software, and short-term software card so we can easily cancel these if needed.

Hi @siggi - apologies for the delay and keeping you in the dark. The card ordering (both virtual and physical) works now. Enjoy and let us know if any questions!

Hi @chrisnoon thanks for your message and apologies you couldn’t hold of someone. Have you tried our Revolut for Business chat? Feel free to write me directly to and I’ll answer whatever is on your mind. Thanks for your loyalty and support. Regards, Andrius

Hi @capital good knowledge :slight_smile: Feel free to apply for any of these :wink: Regards, Andrius

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Hey @jagnew you are totally right and we’re terribly sorry for the lower-than-expected customer experience! If you have any further problems or concerns, feel free to right me directly - Can’t wait for you to use the business cards! Andrius

So to keep people up to date.

I’ll start with two positive things:

Andrius reached out to me directly and offered his personal contact details incase we ran in any big issues. Thank you again for doing this.

We’ve got our Cards - they arrived next day with DHL so great turn around, well done on this.

Now on to a few issues:

Under our Virtual Cards only my user see’s “We are verifying your identity” - now under my settings I am actually verified. This was resolved through the Chat within a decent timeframe.

It doesn’t appear possible to activate the Cards, you click the email and it tells you there activated but under settings there shown with the block setting enabled. Unfortunately you can’t not toggle this as you API response (RevolutCard[id=xxx] must be BLOCKED, but is CREATED) Been chatting to Support about this, will post an update when I know more.

Lastly, maybe this is not meant to work but I can’t add these Cards to the mobile app - says wrong card number. You trigger that by just typing 535

Overall it seems like Support is being more responsive.


Hi @jagnew

Thanks for keeping people informed and all the feedback so far - it helps to improve and get batter. Also, glad that Support is getting better for you and obviously there’s still plenty of room for improvement.

A quick update:

  • Virtual cards - all should be fine, but let us know if any problems
  • Physical cards - investigating, expecting a fix by 230pm today (6.7.2017)
  • Using Revolut for Business card to top up your RevolulApp account - unfortunately, this cannot be done. A quick workaround - top up your RevolutApp (GBP) account via a faster payments transfer. A longer-term workaround - we’ll build a standalone Revolut for Business app so you’ll get all that good personal RevolutApp functionality in your hand too.

Thanks a lot!

Hi @jagnew, to update: there’s a UI issue with the physic card activation, the team has been looking at it and we’ll inform asap. BR, Andrius

Hey @andriusb, thanks for updates :slight_smile: A standalone business app would be great but to be fair its not that important for are use case. This is completely not urgent but when your team get the developer API up and running let me know as I plan to Freeagent integration.

Hi @jagnew developer API will be ready within weeks - will ping you then.

p.s. your physical card activation glitch has been sorted already - just follow the flow from ‘Activate your card’ email link

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