Revolut for business HK and business topup limit?


I am about to incorporate my business in Hong Kong and I found out about Revolut recently. It would be a great banking option for me as HK banks are annoying and expensive with a lot of fees.

Q1: I was afraid Revolut might not be available in HK, but when I browse the site it does actually show a big tagline: “Revolut lands in Hong Kong” which is reassuring. So my 1st question is: are there any specifics for HK revolut accounts? or are they exactly the same as any other business accounts? note that I already have a personal Revolut account (I’m an expat) and I love it

Q2: I couldn’t find this in the FAQ - so I assume there is no topup limit for business accounts? my personal Revolut is limited to 30k€ or something, I just want to make sure I won’t get this same limit on the business account I might create. I did see about the £250K limit for incoming transfers but I’m not going to be anywhere near that.

Q3: I have heard of there being months worth of wait time for getting a business account approved. Are HK business accounts handled in the same queue as all others? should I expect like half a year or more to get approved?

Thanks in advance!

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Hi @cnedelcu :wave:

Revolut for Business is currently available for companies registered and with a physical presence within the European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland. We will be expanding outside of these countries soon. Feel free to register your interest here and we’ll notify you when our services are available in your country.

The offer for Hong Kong will be most likely the same. For now, there are not many details about it.
You can check the limits of incoming funds according to the pricing plans in this section of our website.

The verification and activation usually take a couple of business days and up to a week. It will depend on how fast you will provide the required documents for our review.

Thanks for your interest!

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