Revolut for Business and PayPal - any success stories?

Has anyone managed to successfully link their Revolut for Business account (via IBAN) to PayPal (for the purpose of withdrawing funds)?

I have a PayPal business account created in Bulgaria and a EUR Revolut account which I’m trying to connect. PayPal says the IBAN is invalid. I don’t think it’s a country specific problem (i.e. the fact that Revolut uses GB IBAN details) because I was able to instantly link a Paysera IBAN which is LT.

Sent an email to PayPal asking them to add my Revolut account details manually, got this so far:

"After reviewing your email and account I can see you are having troubles adding your bank account.

Here are some tips that may help your card to go through:

  • Clear your cache and cookies or try a different web browser (Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox works best)
  • Attempt to add the card at a different time (Try 24hours after a failed attempt)
  • Make sure you are logging in from a PC and not a mobile phone, PC’s work best with our security system.
  • If possible log in from your home computer or the computer you most frequently use to access your PayPal account.

If the above steps do not work then do not worry as we can add this for you. Please if you would follow the steps below to upload your bank statement and photo ID (Passport or Driver’s License) so we can try and add it for you, this process can take 24-72 hours."

I’ve uploded my docs and waiting for reply from PayPal…

@yana.m If there was a mismatch on the PayPal’s side, they should be able to link it manually. I can confirm that we do have customers who are using PayPal with Revolut Business.

I failed to convince them to let me withdraw funds to my PayPal account.

I have since emailed the EU commissioner responsible for competition for what I consider is an anti-competitive practice. You can find the commissioner’s contact details here: