Revolut for Australia


Hi guys,
Im new to Revolut and ive been wondering what would be the best option for my situation.
Im a european passport holder living in Australia, however i travel to Europe often and would like to know if its worth for me to get a Revolut card, or there are any other ways!?
Thanks very much


Hey @Mike_1 :slight_smile:

If you’re a legal resident of any European country where :r: is available, you can get :r: without any waiting :wink:

I’d say it’s worth it, but it’s up to you to discover it. The only thing you risk is paying the shipping cost of the card (quite low) and it has many benefits you can find on its website.
Keep in mind you’ll need to get it shipped to your European address :flight_departure:


Of course it depends on personal needs and experience. For me is “must have” app.


Thanks guys.
Just dont know about transfers between AUD and EUR, if costs will be more than use for example transferwise to transfer to an european account.
I believe all info will be on Revolut website, however quite hard to understand the whole process.
Thanks for your help


Yes, most answers you’ll find in FAQ.
About price- revolut doesn’t charge any fee (both types: to and from), but intermediary banks or your “high Street” bank… Can.
Topup policy depends on nationality and place of issuing the card. If it is EEA, topup is free. Topup lasts seconds, transfer between revolut users is always free.


As Redi said, Revolut take no fees but it will use SWIFT and you will have fees …
I’m not sur but I think it’s cheaper with Transferwise until Revolut launch in Australia.


Thats the kind of stuff i dont know, however thanks very much everyone